Monday, March 9, 2009


If you've spent any time in Europe you are familar with easyJet, the no-frills airline based at London's Luton Airport.

The company recently launched easyHotel.

"The best-priced rooms are windowless and a minuscule 64 to 75 square feet (basically enough room for a double bed and an open suitcase), plus a phone-booth-size private bath. Flat-panel TVs hang from the walls (you'll need five pounds, or about $7, to activate one in London); housekeeping, if needed, will run you another 10 pounds. But before you say you'll die of claustrophobia, just remember this number: 65. Dollars, not pounds. That's about how much a room costs total for two people at the EasyHotel in London's Earls Court."

easyHotel at Heathrow Airport is showcasing a new design with extra storage and more options.

"The new layout will aim to build on the existing room model with the addition of in room luggage storage, improved clothes hanging facility, shelving and space for all those 'knick-knacks' and new, more flexible, lighting options to improve comfort and functionality. ... easyHotel (has) also introduced a new, contemporary and complementary colour scheme, which will see the hotel group significantly reduce the amount of trademark orange used in its bedrooms."

I'd stay at one of these in London. London is ridiculously expensive, especially now with the dollar situation.

easyHotel Budapest, weird... When I was last in Budapest, it took me days to spend 50 USD including a 20 USD bribe paid to the subway police. Is there a market for easyHotel in such a cheap place?

I would have loved to have seen one of these in the 10th Arr. in Paris. I stayed in a shithole there once. It was one of those places where you try not to touch the floor. It may have been Hotel Altona, which made the TripAdvisor list of the Dirtiest Hotels in France.

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