Friday, March 20, 2009

Striking Again?

Another strike in France -

Many commuters on Thursday said they backed the action, but hoped it would be short-lived. "Fundamentally I agree, but too much is too much," one was quoted as saying. "There are strikes in the transport sector too often and we have to put up with them."

There was another one in January.

Mass transit in the capital was in chaos, with service on suburban commuter lines reduced or nonexistent, and most subways and buses running well below normal frequencies. The Education Ministry estimated that 37 percent of teachers walked out. In Marseille, the country's second largest city, television showed buses crammed with commuters as subway service was completely interrupted.

One would think that the constant striking would blunt the message of the protest. It always seems that the strikes are about the same issue, namely, the government trying to reign in what it created: a bloated bureaucracy, guaranteed benefits and entitlements in the public sector.

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