Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Croc Attack

Why are these kids swimming in Northern Territory swamps?

A few weeks ago a boy was killed in an attack in Daintree River floodwaters in North Queensland. The Daintree River is where the tourists take boat cruises to see the biggest crocodiles in the world. Apparently the boy was chasing his dog: it isn't a popular swimming hole.,22049,25026200-5001021,00.html

These salt water crocodiles are everywhere in coastal northern Australia, rivers, open oceans, swamps, etc. I would never swim anywhere in tropical Australia except the reef. Crocs, box jellies, etc. Who wants to die this way?

Check out this story-

And, go figure that this guy was from NWS. Maybe he just wasn't used to drinking Fourex?,22049,22613434-5001028,00.html

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