Sunday, May 26, 2013

Observing the Sabbath

Day One in Tel Aviv

One cock, two cocks showcasing themselves in Neve-Tzedek.

We likely would've eaten this bread (and the buttons) had we not already gorged ourselves at Suzanna.

Drinks and shisha on the beach aid digestion.  So does watching people who choose other types of physical activities.

Day Two 

Sabbath Day activities (efficient use of time if in one convenient location): floundering on the bed (only applicable for one person), dropping a roe on the floor (only applicable for one person again, causing other person's reaction "Ew, there's a roe on my napkin."), watching people in foulards on Fashion TV, and eating "salade" and giant capers.

To commemorate the end of Sabbath, one can quickly replenish calories burned from the day by eating at Thai House then eating ice cream (to ensure proper calcium daily requirement).  

Cheez Its - staple of trip (but only if Big).

Day Three  

Buses to Jerusalem feature: music, DVDs, beverages, A/C, and ice skating but no snails.

Israeli trucks for tree transport only, not horses and camels (unlike in Jordan).

Lots of shirts for sale but no M75 cologne. Tiny stores also not conducive for bull in a china shop shopping.  

Buy figs and receive one free white, possibly unwashed berry that both tastes good and probably aids in goat stomach.

Immovable ladder (fairly boring if there are no Greek and Armenian monk fights that day).

Gummy worms - not as good a travel staple as Cheez Its (but only if Big).

JETT buses, infamous yet has none of the amenities of the red bus above (but maybe it offers snails).

More signs.  Unfortunately none of Pipes.

"Oh I just missed one that was running!  Dammit!"
"I need one with a huge hat.  And tassels."

"OMG there's still a caper left."