Tuesday, March 24, 2009

You Don't Say?

How can this surprise anyone?

Governor Paterson was also incompetent when he was in the New York State Senate. Seriously, it is an open secret that, in NYS government, if you are a member of the political minority, you might as well bring a pillow and blanket to work everyday. There is no role that you play in setting the agenda, making decisions on the budget or anything else. You collect your paycheck, hold press conferences, send letters to the local newspapers and keep your face in front of your constituents.

From the 2005 report about Paterson's tenure as Senate Minority Leader:

The report reveals an operation beset by infighting, larded with patronage hires and lacking any clear direction or vision from the top.

The complaints are nearly four years old - but the criticism is similar to that Paterson faces today.

"Each department functions separately; there is a lack of communication; no real message; no real platform and no agenda," regional coordinator
Jaclyn Kessel told Henderson.

You "feel like you are fighting the people that you are working with," Kessel is quoted as saying.

Esther Greenbaum, a research assistant, said there was "no cohesive message from the top"and complained about "patronage hires."

"There are titles with no meaning to the titles. ... There is staff whose duty it is to put paper in the computer draw [sic]," Greenbaum said.

Of course the Paterson's people are defending their boss.

Paterson spokesman Errol Cockfield called the report "outdated." (but not untrue?)

"Since the governor took office a year ago, he has displayed strong leadership by raising early alarms about the economic crisis and continually making the tough fiscal choices that will improve the state's long-term health and the lives of everyday New Yorkers," Cockfield said.

Let's see, which touch choices is he talking about? Choosing to play class warfare with the so-called millionaire tax? Really, what tough fiscal choices has Paterson made? Before becoming governor, this guy was the prototype "paycheck casher." Let's face it, David Paterson's never gave anyone the impression that he wanted to change the world. In fact, his do-nothing background in the Senate Minority was excellent training for the Lieutenant Governorship. We should have been tipped off when Joe Bruno fell over himself to praise the guy. Bruno has never met an empty suit that he didn't like or run roughshod over.

Paterson remains paralyzed by the tough choices that he should be making. What will happen with the MTA situation, how about the stranglehold that the unions have on state government and in turn, taxpayers dollars? Anything, anything...?

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