Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Fort

Welcome to The Fort! (now clean the house)

Thanks God for Mocod (Mother of Cloud of Darkness) and "Ayat" carrying the team.

Mocod - perfect form.

Possibly hereditary.

Maybe not so perfect form...

But if the size of the divot is any indication - this one's a WINNER

Pretty flowers to distract those who rely on golf pros to get them under par for the hole.

Not sure the COD will return these clubs.

"I want one." (Ayat's response after seeing the club.)

Lowest score wins (except in this case).

"Someone peed on the floor."  (Maybe because they didn't win the golf bag despite Mocod buying them 14 raffle tickets.)

"How is a shrimp salad considered dinner?"
"I don't know but I could go for some pig face." (Or a ride on a wooden pig.)

"I don't want a Hummer."
"Since when do you turn down a Hummer?" (And disappoint your mom?)

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Cabo.mx (retorno, retorno again, and no tire basura)

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