Thursday, March 12, 2009

NY Stripper Tax and Other Empire State Issues

"(NYS Assemblyman Felix Ortiz) proposed legislation places a $10 per customer surcharge on "patrons of 'adult entertainment' establishments that serve food or drink along with nude or semi-nude dancing." "

If this isn't a regressive tax, I don't know what is.

Our idiot Governor just made a move taking away a bunch of those silly fees that he proposed earlier in the budget process- another bunch of regressive taxes.

Here's a newsflash, Governor, even if you use the federal stimulus money to try to plug the budget hole, what will you do next time when you have the same budget problems because year in and year out, NYS STATE SPENDS MORE THAN IT HAS!

This is a systemic problem. Structural changes within the state have to be made. We can't solve our budget problems every year by sending our idiot Governor to panhandle on Capitol Hill.

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  1. These lunk-heads are addicted to spending.NYS has always followed the "tomorrow will never come" budget model.It's what happens when special interest (unions,lobby's,ect.)run the show.Don't know about the stripper tax (Sweeney's Law"?)How do you tuck a tax exempt ceertificate under a G-string?