Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Harrison Ford

So Harrison Ford and Ally McBeal are getting married. I lost interest in Ford when he acted like a screwball during his interview with Barbara Walters in 1997. Remember this dialogue?

Do you believe in "the force?"
When it was fashionable to say, "May the force be with you," I always said, "Force yourself."
Now it's fashionable again.
Well, I'll say again then, "The force is within you. Force yourself."

I wish I had a video clip. He came across like an half-wit on Valium. Then to really put the nail in the coffin he completely sold out with the last installment of Indiana Jones.

Maybe he needed the money for the McBeal ring? How much more money can Lucas, Spielberg and Ford squeeze out of this franchise? I guess we'll soon be treated to the "Star Wars treatment" with different scenes and special effects added to make the movies "better."

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