Monday, March 16, 2009

The Best Gangster Film of All Time?

What about White Heat?

James Cagney, Virginia Mayo and Edmond O'Brien star in one of the greatest gangster films ever made. This may be my favorite Cagney starring film. (I love Mister Roberts, but that was more of an ensemble film.)

The trailer--

Out of all the major studios, Warner Brothers made the best gangster films. There is no argument.

Virginia Mayo's entrance in White Heat is an aberration. A glamorous movie actress close-up snoring. Cagney's mother complex and his powerful presence throughout the film is remarkable.

Rent it and watch it. Movies like this aren't made anymore.


  1. speaking of aberration's, how about glamorous actress,(Mae Clark?)getting smashed in the face with a grapefruit, care of the Public Enemy Cagney.Kubrick said that Cagney belonged in everybody's "Top Five"

  2. Public Enemy is a great film, but I still think that White Heat is Cagney at his best.