Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Seriously, Fred, I think you are being generous to our state government. Our asshat triumvirate did much worse than that. We are sending a signal to the rest of the country: don't bother moving to our nanny state unless you want to be over regulated and over taxed. Of course, if you are a deadbeat, a tenured teacher or state worker, no problem. Pigs at a trough...

New York's ruling Democratic trium virate took a giant generational leap backward yesterday to the destructive days of John Lindsay, Abe Beame and Nelson Rockefeller.

NEWSFLASH: The private sector pays for the public sector. With liberal tax and spend policies driving more and more businesses out of state, how will we make up the difference? Hey, Governor Paterson, thanks for making those tough fiscal descisions your spokesman referred to last week. Profiles in courage, indeed...

If my father, a small businessman, hadn't passed away a few years ago, this budget may have done him in.

...Paterson, who succeeded the disgraced Eliot Spitzer just over a year ago, repeatedly pledged last summer and fall to continue the effort to revive business, reverse the loss of productive citizens to lower-tax states and revive the moribund upstate economy.

And he also promised a new era of governmental openness in place of Albany's notorious secrecy.

But last week, Paterson -- whose 19 percent job-approval rating has driven him into the arms of the leftist Working Families Party and public-employee unions he hopes will help him win election next year -- was openly mocking government accountability, claiming with breathtaking chutzpah that by keeping negotiations secret, he was following the wishes of the press.

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