Saturday, January 5, 2013

Fondue, rösti, repeat.

"We had an appetizer of cheese before our main dish of cheese."

Pygmy table not a deterrent for growing one's fondue food baby at the
Stadel in Zermatt.  (Or for repeating restaurant and meal in same week.)

View from the Restaurant Furri when not salivating into a skillet of
rösti (ice pick possibly also useful off piste).

Smoked pork and glüwein, pregame for rösti.  


 Sequence of photos of eating take away (stolen) dried pork:
  • Take pork out of snowboaring pants pocket. 
  • Ignore fact that pocket was built for carrying lift tickets and not stolen pork. 
  • Verify no wild animals successfully infiltrated cable car.
  • Unwrap pork from protective paper (i.e. ski trail map).

Unwrap pork from paper doily (also borrowed from Restaurant Furri). 

Grateful that no one else is in cable car, including wild animals still possibly trailing outside (look of complete joy masked by strange balaclava type thing on face).

Enjoy. (Never mind creeper outside window).

Five minutes later - succumb to food coma. (Or perhaps just "mentalizing", in
NBB speak.)

Fortunately ibex are vegetarian although the rogue lazy one probably
couldn't give a shite.

Bandas, however, always lurking.

Stay away from my pork too, ewok.

Prada and Yves St Laurent, clearly neither a (serious) snowboarder nor
skier (no Bogner).

"I think I'm becoming the gruyère bus."

"Snowboarding is better than surfing because you could be a gruyère
bus and no one would care."

Rare photo of the Bolero - stationary and not moving at its usual 40 mph
(ideal job after gruyère driver).

11.50 Swiss francs for a Big Mac ($12.30), but no reservation required.

Swiss version of Mannequin Pis with marmots (which suspiciously resemble beavers).

First, almost textbook, S tracks on the run (and deceiving prelude for subsequent pinwheeling on head).

Riffelberg - good place to stop after one, quick but clearly exhausting, run for the day.  


Veuve outmarkets Dom.

Bikini Babe Tuesday - maybe not the best way to wake up one's roommate
in the middle of the night no matter how much said roommate loves
Shahs of Sunset.

Matterhorn Glacier Paradise.


Run from Trockner Steg.

Funicular to Gornergrat.


En route to Furgg.


Trockner Steg

 View of village from the inside bubble.

View from Hotel Rhodania (successfully taken without knocking talls off ledge).

800 Swiss francs per box = several hours of fireworks.

"If we did the Amazing Race, I would be like Joanna from The Hunger Games.  Everyone thought she was weak until she knifed people in the eye.  It'll be like me where I out-map everyone."

"It's an udder - it's not like stroking a cat."

"If there are two people and one is anorexic, the other should not be a whale."

(An assortment of food baby-driven conversation, after consuming even more cheese at Les Armures.)

One of two things to see in Genève.