Saturday, February 27, 2016

Home of Zika (aka Cozumel)

"Just because you're old doesn't mean you get on the plane first."  (Nor does it mean its ok to steal wheelchairs.  Prove you have a piggy foot, octogenarians.)

"Don't text me because I'll be charged for it on my plan."  (But here's my cell phone number everyone.  Also, I'll be at the Hard Rock.)  Famous last words of No Inside Voice Guy before he disappeared into secondary.

Unfortunately no photo of the no pooping sign (or much anything during the trip because it was just too much trouble to remember to take photos with our iPhones)  Must have been the change in time zones - North Eastern Standard Time to South Eastern Standard Time.

"I hope they sell Ensure here in Mexico because my husband can't eat solid food." (Normal ice breaker for a Canadian, especially when her husband is sitting just one row ahead on the van.)

Note for future: half a bottle of bubble bath is a little too much for a hot tub.

"I thought it was weird that there were urinals in the women's room.  Then I realized I was in the men's room." (Possible early signs of Zika - confusion.)

Mexican female stingrays are dominant, which mean two peni on the males (and consequently two bite marks when said males mistake one's arm for a female stingray.)

Possible proof of a stingray gang bang.

Grapefruit supreme - English translation: sliced grapefruit

Mexican breakdancing (neon makes it Mexican)

Chili con limon in portable snack form!