Thursday, March 26, 2009

'This is what happens when you get caught with your hands in the public's till

Nothing, but 5 years of probation. Crime does pay, especially when you are stealing money from taxpayers.

The investigation found that [J. Felix] Strevell used the institute's credit card to pay $7,500 in personal expenses, including clothing, home supplies and a family vacation at Disney World; fraudulently gave himself a $95,000 salary increase on top of his $124,000-a-year salary, which already was supplemented by automobile and housing allowances; improperly had the institute pay $9,000 for his father, a Florida resident, to take two trips to China as part of a "delegation" to foster business for New York; and sold his used recreational vehicle to the institute for $64,000 without disclosing his interest in the transaction to the institute's board of directors.

Strevell also gave jobs to his friends, the relatives of powerful Republicans, and his then-14-year-old daughter and her boyfriend "at higher-than-usual salaries for which they performed little or no work," court records show.

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Thankfully, he has to make restitution.

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