Sunday, November 11, 2012

Land of the Trash Cow

The most dedicated and fit gym member (nothing to do with the roids).

New friend, trash horse, who clearly needs to start juicing.  

Ferris wheel of chicken.

Bandas are fashionable, but pandas are not.

Fierce competition among the stores.


Unless you're selling something wonderful (and unidentifiable).

Speciality store that caters to customers with two right hands.

No bandas but one tomato.

For those who like to be different.  Or abnormal.

You'll never need to shop for a phone again.

Chrom wheeles & tyres.  

Freddy for music

And ???? for smok. 

Targeting the customer base who prefers not to say gym (and enjoys horror films).

Don't f with the haji mystery van.

You, too, would be a melancholy clown if you worked here.  

 Ris not on paleo diet, but susage is.  

Neither is the bread in sandwishes.  

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Asking to Be Ambiguous

"Liquid spirit harden the people" (possibly a Bedouin proverb or possibly just nonsensical Chinese characters in a place where everything is almost right.)

"Look - that guy still has mud on his face."
"Ew, I hope he doesn't get it in the water."
"He better not."
(Last conversation before going straight to hell for mocking someone's birthmark.)

Posing as if one were shooting a music video with a hanging bag of water sans goldfish.

Close up of posing as if one were shooting a music video sans hanging bag of water sans goldfish.

Close up of hanging bag of water sans goldfish.

Comments like "Hey, you can stand if you put your feet like this" to a person already standing usually results in abandonment.  At least the view is nice.  
Enter Hitchcockian birds.  

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Wadi Mujib with Gilmore

Ready to start the Mujib Canyon Trail.

If you chat up the guide, he's more understanding of when you separate from the group to take a smoke break.

Ten minutes in.  Time to reach for the pack.

Smoke break #2...or 10.

F hiking with the group - they take too many breaks and no one even smokes.

Life vests are more effective if worn around the waist.  

Last chance for a smoke before hiking through the water.

Shit I got my shirt wet. I'd better take it off.

 Taking a non-smoke break while those suckers catch up.

Hike complete and managed to keep the sunglasses on.