Sunday, May 16, 2010

Exile On Main Street Re-released

“It’s a bit overrated, to be honest. I’m not saying it’s not good. Compared to ‘Let It Bleed’ and ‘Beggars Banquet,’ which I think are more of a piece, I don’t see it’s as thematic as the other two. It’s got a raw quality, but I don’t think all around it’s as good.’’

— Mick Jagger interview, Rolling Stone, Dec. 14, 1995

My top 5 favorite Stones Albums:

1. Beggars Banquet
2. Aftermath [UK]
3. Sticky Fingers
4. Let it Bleed
5. Tattoo You

Tattoo You was the first Stones album that I owned. It has sentimental value.

Exile on Main Street would definitely make the second 5, along with Goat's Head Soup, Between the Buttons, Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out and The Rolling Stones, Now!

Ryanair to Pay Up

For christsakes people, it's a budget airline. You're lucky they let you bring a bag.

On Wednesday, Michael O’Leary, the Irish carrier’s chief executive, said he would reimburse travellers only the original price of their air fare and no more.

But the airline said yesterday it would comply with the rules under which EU airlines must reimburse the “reasonable receipted expenses of disrupted passengers”.

Both Mr O’Leary and Ryan-air stressed this was not compensation, merely reimbursement.

He said that, if claims were not reasonable, they would not be met.

Who determines what "reasonable" is? I'm guessing it's not liters of Limoncello at the Bologna duty free.

Notice the difference in attitude between the Brit and the American-

Some passengers arriving on Ryanair flights at Stansted Airport in Essex yesterday were sympathetic to his airline’s plight over reimbursement.

Victor Antwi, 37, of Sheffield, who flew in with a family party of 14 after a holiday in Portugal, said the group should have returned to East Midlands Airport on April 15 and estimated he and relatives were several thousand pounds out of pocket.

“Ryanair is going to pay, hopefully,” he said. “I do sympathise with what the airlines are saying – that the law was not designed for this kind of ‘act of God’. I can understand that argument. But really, I don’t care who pays as long as someone does.”

American Jennifer Sigg, 26, who works in Birmingham, returned after a holiday with two friends in Italy and said she had not expected compensation.

“We were happy to know that we are going to be able to claim compensation but we weren’t really expecting much,” said Miss Sigg, who works for a religious charity.

“This is Ryanair. They are just a no-frills airline. We flew with them because they are cheap. I would not have expected them to cover extraneous costs. I wasn’t aware of the legislation.

“Actually, they have been great about rescheduling flights and so on. I think they handled that really well.”

So much for the famous British resolve... pansy...

Fecking Ash for Sale?

Who buys a jar of ash for 24 Euros? I wouldn't pay 1 Yuan for that shit.

Iceland volcanic ash sells like hot cakes on Internet

Jersey Shore Hits South Beach...Literally

You can take the girl out of Jersey...

Cast mate Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola is now facing felony assault charges after the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office decided to move forward on a complaint from Kristen DeMinco, the woman who says Giancola repeatedly assaulted her in the VIP section of Club Dream, a South Beach nightclub on Saturday.

DeMinco, who has announced that she will file a civil law suit against Giancola and MTV over the fisticuffs, showed reporters a bruise under her eye during a news conference outside Miami Beach police headquarters. She claims Giancola flipped out after she saw DeMinco talking to her boyfriend. DeMinco says the sweet-not Giancola became violent and started swinging at her. Farley, who joined in on the free-for-all, ended up on the floor after DeMinco's friend came to her aid. After attacking DeMinco, "Jersey Shore" cast mates got into another altercation at the bar and were eventually asked to leave.

The National - Terrible Love

Great Wall and Mao Propaganda

"Qingyanfang" (Boat of Clearness and Comfort), aka Marble Boat

View from The Bund

The Bund

Guinness in Shanghai

Laundry Day in Shanghai

Oriental Pearl Tower Shanghai

Courtney Love - Skinny Little Bitch