Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Wrong Berman Was Canned

The hemorrhaging of broadcast and print media continues.

Len Berman (no relation to Chris "You're with me, leather" Berman), is out at Channel 4.

The Rotten Apple

The New York Post breaks it down for city dwellers.

"What it says about the attitude is really troubling," said Manhattan Institute analyst E.J. McMahon. "In the most severe recession in 70 years, they are stuffing the pork barrel as if it's business as usual."

The article

Rotten Sausage

Even the liberal New York Daily News is on board with the common sense brigade.

Here are some excerpts, but this is a must read.

Paterson, Silver and Smith have reached agreement on a budget that's fundamentally wrong for New York. The crippling of Wall Street as the state's financial engine presented Paterson, Silver and Smith with the challenge of bringing runaway spending into line with plummeting revenue.

Destructively, they did the opposite: They hiked spending astronomically. By $10.5 billion. Almost 9%. Roughly seven times the inflation rate.

And they financed that explosion in costs by distorting $7 billion in federal economic stimulus funding into a vehicle to spend more, while imposing some $7 billion in new taxes and fees.

Nothing illustrates how remote Albany has become from life as lived by real New Yorkers better than the fact that Paterson, Silver and Smith proclaimed they had made tough choices that would lead to a bright future.

Actually, the only tough choices they made were in deciding whom to hit with new taxes.

Their primary target is households with incomes of more than $300,000, but Paterson, Silver and Smith also hammered suburban property owners and New Yorkers at large with higher utility bills and car fees, and deposits on plastic water bottles. As well as with much more.

Adding gross insult to injury, Silver and Smith kept intact the bloated pork budgets they use to send hundreds of millions of dollars annually to favored groups. They cut not a cent of the money they use to buy political support.

The conclusion:

The final disgrace is that Paterson, Silver and Smith acknowledge that tax collections are continuing to drop. The state will not be able to pay the bills the governor and lawmakers are committing to. In that sense the budget is worse than irresponsible, it's also a fraud.

We get the government we deserve. We elected these entitled asses. And, yes, Paterson was elected. It was as Governor #$@$&*% Steamroller's empty suit LG, but he was on the ballot.

If this keeps up, we'll be longing for the days of George Pataki.


Seriously, Fred, I think you are being generous to our state government. Our asshat triumvirate did much worse than that. We are sending a signal to the rest of the country: don't bother moving to our nanny state unless you want to be over regulated and over taxed. Of course, if you are a deadbeat, a tenured teacher or state worker, no problem. Pigs at a trough...

New York's ruling Democratic trium virate took a giant generational leap backward yesterday to the destructive days of John Lindsay, Abe Beame and Nelson Rockefeller.

NEWSFLASH: The private sector pays for the public sector. With liberal tax and spend policies driving more and more businesses out of state, how will we make up the difference? Hey, Governor Paterson, thanks for making those tough fiscal descisions your spokesman referred to last week. Profiles in courage, indeed...

If my father, a small businessman, hadn't passed away a few years ago, this budget may have done him in.

...Paterson, who succeeded the disgraced Eliot Spitzer just over a year ago, repeatedly pledged last summer and fall to continue the effort to revive business, reverse the loss of productive citizens to lower-tax states and revive the moribund upstate economy.

And he also promised a new era of governmental openness in place of Albany's notorious secrecy.

But last week, Paterson -- whose 19 percent job-approval rating has driven him into the arms of the leftist Working Families Party and public-employee unions he hopes will help him win election next year -- was openly mocking government accountability, claiming with breathtaking chutzpah that by keeping negotiations secret, he was following the wishes of the press.

The whole article

More news from Upstate and business groups

Monday, March 30, 2009

New York State, a Bellwether?

The United States government firing CEOs of private companies is a frightening proposition. Unfortunately, here in New York, that sort of government intrusion is old hat.

Remember this?

...the notion of an Attorney General [Eliot Spitzer] essentially installing at executives at public companies is frightening one and hopefully the failure of Mr. Cherkasky -- his resignation as CEO prompted a 5% run-up in the stock -- will put an end to experiments like this one for a long time to come.

Spitzer refused to negotiate with AIG and Marsh McClennan until their CEOs (Hank and Jeffrey Greenberg) resigned. Jeffrey Greenberg's replacement at Marsh McClennan was Michael Cherkasky who was Eliot Spitzer's old boss the the New York County District Attorney's Office. Coincidence?

And, it's evident that both firms haven't been successful in the post-Greenberg era.

New York is serving as a bellwether for the rest of the country. Not pretty...

You Have Run Out Of Our Money

Watching this, I'm thinking that the Prime Minister's Questions' sessions might be must see TV again. Hands down, the Thatcher years were the best.


Alysheba, whose sire was the great Alydar, was euthanized at the Hagyard Equine Medical Institute on March 27th following a fall in his stall.

Alysheba won the 1987 Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes. He was one the many champions sired by Aydar. Others included: Easy Goer, Turkoman, Strike the Gold, Criminal Type, Althea, Alydaress, Benchmark, Stella Madrid, and Miss Oceana.
Everyone remembers Alydar as the runner up to Affirmed in the great Triple Crown races of 1978. In the breeding category, Alydar more then made up for it.

Alydar died under suspect circumstances in 1990.
His story is examined in the book by Ann Hagedorn Auerbach, Wild Ride, The Rise and Tragic Fall of Calumet Farm, Inc., America's Premier Racing Dynasty.

The stallion was named after one of Rita Hayworth's ex-husbands: Alydar's co-owners, Gene and Lucille Markey, used the term "Aly darling" for their friend, Aly Khan.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Great Lulu, hide the poor. Just make certain that the fence isn't locked when it's time to vote. That's when you can promise them plastic houses for their support.


Where Are All Of Our Friends?

I thought everyone was supposed to like us now?

Sarkozy doesn't get a thrill up his leg either?

Angela Merkel doesn't like the whole "throw money at the problem" solution.

Recession? Not for New York

Recession, what recession? New York State has increased spending by 10 billion dollars. Who is paying for it? You, the sucker taxpayer of course.

From the NY Times article:

Neither the Assembly nor the Senate has issued formal budget proposals of their own. Instead, the three leaders, all Democrats, have negotiated entirely behind closed doors. Even most rank-and-file lawmakers have been kept in the dark, though some details began to emerge on Wednesday as the leaders and their staffs briefed senior lawmakers and lobbyists. “This is the worst I’ve seen it in 17 years,” said Assemblyman Sam Hoyt, a Buffalo Democrat who is chairman of the Local Governments Committee.

Of course, our asshat in chief defended this:

"Nobody wants to publicly, other than governors, who are charged to do it, put their issues on the table. That's part of what negotiations are about," Paterson said.

We are in a recession. Everyone has to hold spending. The frantic way our state leaders are spending is appalling. The federal stimulus should be used for infrastructure, not to prop up bad habits and out of date structural systems.

This is interesting.

See, what has to happen for these asshats to stay in power is for them to create a permanent underclass and state employee base that is completely beholden to them. They will be elected in perpetuity. Most private enterprise will driven out of the state and those who stay will subsidize the government. Folks, it's called a banana republic and that's what we are headed toward.

The New York Post has an editorial.

And, think, Alexander Hamilton was once proud to be a New Yorker.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Anglo Diss

The NY Post has an editorial about British PM Gordon Brown's bad month.

...It's been a tough month on his three-continent tour preparing for next week's G-20 economic summit in London.

At the first stop, one of French President Nicolas Sarkozy's aides mocked the partially blind Brown's difficulty eating French fondue.

Then his US visit produced several apparent diplomatic slights from the Obama administration, including White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs downgrading the historic US-UK "special relationship" to a "special partnership" and the White House's official gift turning out to be a boxed set of DVDs.

And, of course the Lulu "white people with blue eyes" incident:

[Lulu] Da Silva ranted on, "Since I am not acquainted with a single black banker, I can only say that this part of humanity that is the major victim of the world crisis, these people should pay for the crisis? I cannot accept that."

In point of fact, there are a fair number of black bankers in Britain (and in America, too). If there are none in Brazil, that would seem to reflect more poorly on da Silva than on Brown, no?

Actually, da Silva is a socialist nutcase reminiscent of Hugo Chavez. Nobody should be surprised by such inflammatory nonsense, and he rarely disappoints.

Friday, March 27, 2009

"She's Obviously a Hoarder"

House Of Filth

White and Blue-Eyed People

Lulu's a leader who likes to play the class warfare card but, I like anyone that tries to put Gordon Brown on the defense.

From The Times

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Scotland: Land of Drunks?

Everyone knows that Scotland is a beautiful country. The Trossachs, Edinburgh, Isle of Skye, I could go on and on...

What I did notice were the inordinant amount of sots walking around in broad daylight going about their business as if drunken food shopping was not anything out of the ordinary.

Scots on their lunch break, smoking break, loo break, etc. running around the corner for the drink or four was commonplace. I often wondered if it was the absurdly high levels of alcohol in their systems that prevented me from comprehending their diction.

From my anecdotal evidence, this number seems low.

'This is what happens when you get caught with your hands in the public's till

Nothing, but 5 years of probation. Crime does pay, especially when you are stealing money from taxpayers.

The investigation found that [J. Felix] Strevell used the institute's credit card to pay $7,500 in personal expenses, including clothing, home supplies and a family vacation at Disney World; fraudulently gave himself a $95,000 salary increase on top of his $124,000-a-year salary, which already was supplemented by automobile and housing allowances; improperly had the institute pay $9,000 for his father, a Florida resident, to take two trips to China as part of a "delegation" to foster business for New York; and sold his used recreational vehicle to the institute for $64,000 without disclosing his interest in the transaction to the institute's board of directors.

Strevell also gave jobs to his friends, the relatives of powerful Republicans, and his then-14-year-old daughter and her boyfriend "at higher-than-usual salaries for which they performed little or no work," court records show.

The entire article

Thankfully, he has to make restitution.

New Jersey and Britney -- Perfect Together

Britney Spears moving to New Jersey

Don't worry, we won't be seeing trainwreck Britney and her two boys at Sleaside Heights this summer. She's only staying for a month.

Paying Your Dues

When I was a student at Public School #18, we bounced on a huge trampoline, played dodge ball and tag during gym class. We also biked with no helmets, rode our orange sleds down ridiculously steep hills and climbed trees.

Today we have goofy parents who sue schools for negligence when their kids get hurt on the playground.

Remember Action Park? Everyone who was a kid in New Jersey or New York in the late 70's and 80's remembers Action Park. Kids today wouldn't last 5 minutes in the wave pool. The Wave Pool was always filled with too many kids, everyone climbing all over everyone else to reach the ladder. According to statistics, lifeguards rescued 30 people over the course of a weekend.

My favorite ride was the Tarzan Swing. You held on to a rope, swung out over a lagoon and had to drop off at exactly the right moment or you risked injury swinging back and slamming against the rock hard wall. When you did let go, you landed in the icy spring fed lagoon. The shock alone prevented you from moving your limbs for a few seconds. Apparently the lagoon temperature only reached mid 50's even in mid-summer. The Tarzan Swing was only responsible for one fatality: someone had a heart attack when hitting the freezing cold water.

Action Park was really a test of adulthood and a great lesson in the hardships of life. You knew you were going to leave the Park with an injury. If you were lucky it would only be a scrape. Bleeding was not a reason to pack up and leave either. As kids, we never really thought it was dangerous. In fact, we couldn't wait to go back.

Here is a great article in memory of Action Park.

A blog from Action Park employees.

Check out this old commercial. The Tarzan Swing is prominent, as are the Cannonball Falls.

More Medicaid Fraud

New York State spends $42 billion a year on Medicaid, the most of any state in the country. Our population is shrinking, and yet entitlements are growing.

Medicaid Fraud

And, more...

The FitFlop

I'm thinking that these may not work.

Apparently Oprah has been wearing them and I'm not seeing any improvement with her situation.

It's probably one of those situations where fat people use the excuse of wearing these to gorge themselves on any foodstuff within reach.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

With Friends Like These...

I feel sorry for Poland. How many times does one nation have to be betrayed by it's allies?

Remember when Stalin and Hitler signed the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and invaded Poland in September 1939? Well, it turns out that Poland had an alliance with France and Britain. The French and British declared war but sat around and watched while the Poles fought the German Panzers on horseback. By the time the Soviets invaded mid-month, the Poles were in full retreat with no allies in site.

Now, it's deja vu all over again. This time it's the United States. Poland took a huge risk allowing us to put missile defense systems within their borders.

Now President Obama is backpedaling on the deal by using it as a bargaining chip with Russia over the Iranian nuclear program.

Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski noted that Poland had taken "something of a political risk" in agreeing to the deployment of 10 ground-based interceptors on its territory. "When we started discussing this with the United States," he said, "the U.S. assured us they would persuade the Russians that it was purely defensive and it would be a noncontroversial decision."

Did I mention that the Czechs are involved also? Yes, they are in the same boat as Poland on the missile defense issue. And, like Poland, they were also betrayed by Britain and France during the 1930's. In 1938, at the Munich Conference, Britain and France forced Czechoslovakia to give up the Sudetenland to Germany which led to their full invasion and capitulation. Remember the whole "Peace in Our Time" episode? The Czechs also had a treaty with France: the Little Entente. They had such a fondness for the French that, in 1891, they built a smaller version of the Eiffel Tower in Prague. So much for that gesture...

Let's hope that the Obama Administration appreciates our true allies in Europe. The Eastern Europeans know the importance of fighting for freedom, which is unfortunately something that we've grown soft over.

California Nightmare

While New York is starting to look like a banana republic with it's ridiculous taxes, permanent deadbeat underclass and state government filled with asshats, it could be worse. It could be California. It's hard to believe that a state with so much to offer in natural resources, beautiful landscapes and large centers of commerce could be such a crappy place to live.

Guess who's to blame?

Much of the blame lies with public employee unions and a handful of other special-interest groups that have essentially hijacked political control of state and local governments. Now, despite decades of high taxes and rapid growth, state and local governments find that they not only don't have the revenue to provide even basic services, but are saddled with hundreds of billions of dollars in unfunded pension liabilities and infrastructure needs.


Term Limits Please?

Have I mentioned what a sleazeball Sheldon Silver is?

He's the guy who works for the ambulance chasers Weitz & Luxenberg and doubles as the Speaker of the Assembly here in New York State. Is it a wonder that tort reform never gets voted upon in the Assembly? Are you surprised that New York, as a state, is the "third-richest target in the nation for tort lawyers" and "No. 1 for medical-malpractice lawyers"?

And, now we hear that Shelly and our half wit Governor are planning to lift the medical malpractice cap on legal fees. Of course this not only benefits Silver's ambulance chasing friends, but also the Governor's father, Basil, who is a partner for Meyer, Suozzi, English & Klein.

What medical school graduate with half of a brain cell would choose to practice in this state?


Caught on Camera

This happened in 1994, but is definitely an "Oh My God" moment. This girl gets her leg taken off by a 16 foot Great White Shark of the coast of Chile.


I felt something grab my leg and jerk me," recalled Heather Boswell, a 19-year-old Seattleite who had signed on for a six-month term working in the galley of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration research ship Discoverer. Boswell and several of her shipmates were taking a break, swimming in balmy waters some 300 miles east of Easter Island. What she believes was a great white shark first chomped the legs of a seaman swimming nearby, opening wounds that would require more than 50 stitches; as it turned out, he got off easy. Quickly grabbing first Boswell's right leg and then her left, the shark pulled her under, shaking her violently like a dog with a rag doll. When the fish resurfaced, two of Boswell's colleagues in a skiff grabbed her arms while another beat the shark with a stick. Boswell felt her left leg pop. "I thought it was my hip dislocating," she said. Only when the crew pulled her up into the boat did she look down and realize that her leg now ended at midthigh. The shark then headed for another person dangling in the water from a ladder, but shots fired by crewmen on the ship evidently drove it away.

The "Nuddle"

My little sister wants one of these blankets. She's been talking about it for months.

I was told that they have a foot pocket. Is this the new fad? Does anyone really own the "nuddle"? Will this be as big as the ThighMaster, the Chia Pet or the Clapper?

Introducing the "nuddle."

Apparently Rihanna loves the "nuddle." Is that what infuriated Chris Brown? "Nuddle" jealously?

And, we'd never leave out Tori and Dean...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Demonic Maniac" = Phil Spector

This guy was one of the greatest producers who ever lived. He is also a complete lunatic. Could he be the embodiment of the term "evil genus"?

LA County prosecutors claim that Spector shot Lana Clarkson when she wanted to leave his home. Apparently, his ravishing good looks weren't enough to persuade her to stay.

It was reported (in the late 1960's-early 1970's) that Spector locked his then wife Ronnie in their mansion never letting her leave or tour with the Rolling Stones because he thought she would cheat on him. Ronnie Spector sued him for royalties and claimed recently that the Ronette's delayed induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was because of Spector's influence. Darlene Love wrote about similar experiences in her autobiography.

I own the Phil Spector box set which makes me think that I am paying for a very small part of his defense. I couldn't help myself. It is outstanding. There are three CDs of the Ronettes, Darlene Love, Ike and Tina Turner, The Crystals, etc. and one amazing Christmas compilation.

Harrison Ford

So Harrison Ford and Ally McBeal are getting married. I lost interest in Ford when he acted like a screwball during his interview with Barbara Walters in 1997. Remember this dialogue?

Do you believe in "the force?"
When it was fashionable to say, "May the force be with you," I always said, "Force yourself."
Now it's fashionable again.
Well, I'll say again then, "The force is within you. Force yourself."

I wish I had a video clip. He came across like an half-wit on Valium. Then to really put the nail in the coffin he completely sold out with the last installment of Indiana Jones.

Maybe he needed the money for the McBeal ring? How much more money can Lucas, Spielberg and Ford squeeze out of this franchise? I guess we'll soon be treated to the "Star Wars treatment" with different scenes and special effects added to make the movies "better."

Risk and Reward?

How much did this guy really want that sugar apple?

Buy American First

If these things are anything like the crappy toys they export, we may see an uptick in our population.

Maybe the Social Security (aka Ponzi scheme fund) won't reach insolvency after all?

Here it is

Read Before Voting - UPDATE

No matter what you think about the greediness of AIG's executives, remember Article I, Section 9, paragraph 3 of our Constitution. Yes, the United States Constitution, the one that was written by a group of brilliant men who are now rolling over in their graves.

It may be too much to ask for our populace to be familiar with the Constitution, but can't we at least force our elected representatives to take a primer course, or at least watch a couple of segments of Schoolhouse Rock? And, heaven forbid, someone we elect actually thumb through a copy of the Federalist Papers.

Article I, Section 9 reads, in part, "No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law will be passed."

Here's what James Madison has to say in Federalist Paper Number 44:

Bills of attainder, ex post facto laws, and laws impairing the obligations of contracts, are contrary to the first principles of the social compact, and to every principle of sound legislation. ... The sober people of America are weary of the fluctuating policy which has directed the public councils. They have seen with regret and indignation that sudden changes and legislative interferences, in cases affecting personal rights, become jobs in the hands of enterprising and influential speculators, and snares to the more-industrious and less-informed part of the community.

I'm not a fan of rewarding incompetence and it angers me that some folks getting the bonuses are the very people that put the company in jeopardy. In fact, I don't like the thought of any sort of bailout for bad behavior. However, the AIG bonuses were part of a contract that Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid signed off on. Perhaps, in the future, they should give these stimulus and bailouts plans a quick read before voting.

ADDED UPDATE: As I should have made note: there are many AIG executives getting these bonuses (or not getting them) that had nothing to do with the credit default swaps. They are being lumped into the same category as the incompetents. Read this.

You Don't Say?

How can this surprise anyone?

Governor Paterson was also incompetent when he was in the New York State Senate. Seriously, it is an open secret that, in NYS government, if you are a member of the political minority, you might as well bring a pillow and blanket to work everyday. There is no role that you play in setting the agenda, making decisions on the budget or anything else. You collect your paycheck, hold press conferences, send letters to the local newspapers and keep your face in front of your constituents.

From the 2005 report about Paterson's tenure as Senate Minority Leader:

The report reveals an operation beset by infighting, larded with patronage hires and lacking any clear direction or vision from the top.

The complaints are nearly four years old - but the criticism is similar to that Paterson faces today.

"Each department functions separately; there is a lack of communication; no real message; no real platform and no agenda," regional coordinator
Jaclyn Kessel told Henderson.

You "feel like you are fighting the people that you are working with," Kessel is quoted as saying.

Esther Greenbaum, a research assistant, said there was "no cohesive message from the top"and complained about "patronage hires."

"There are titles with no meaning to the titles. ... There is staff whose duty it is to put paper in the computer draw [sic]," Greenbaum said.

Of course the Paterson's people are defending their boss.

Paterson spokesman Errol Cockfield called the report "outdated." (but not untrue?)

"Since the governor took office a year ago, he has displayed strong leadership by raising early alarms about the economic crisis and continually making the tough fiscal choices that will improve the state's long-term health and the lives of everyday New Yorkers," Cockfield said.

Let's see, which touch choices is he talking about? Choosing to play class warfare with the so-called millionaire tax? Really, what tough fiscal choices has Paterson made? Before becoming governor, this guy was the prototype "paycheck casher." Let's face it, David Paterson's never gave anyone the impression that he wanted to change the world. In fact, his do-nothing background in the Senate Minority was excellent training for the Lieutenant Governorship. We should have been tipped off when Joe Bruno fell over himself to praise the guy. Bruno has never met an empty suit that he didn't like or run roughshod over.

Paterson remains paralyzed by the tough choices that he should be making. What will happen with the MTA situation, how about the stranglehold that the unions have on state government and in turn, taxpayers dollars? Anything, anything...?

Monday, March 23, 2009

My Ears Are Bleeding

Joe Morgan is interviewing Bud Selig during the World Baseball Classic.

I'm sorry, I meant to say that "Hall of Famer" Joe Morgan is interviewing Bud Selig during the World Baseball Classic.

Selig is a buffoon who is the perfect example of someone being in the right place at the right time. He rode the bull market of baseball, getting credit for what a stuffed monkey could have done. Really, can anyone tell me what stamp he's put on the game? And, please don't tell me the WBC and goofy season openers in Japan. (I won't even get into the PED issue.)

Selig says that the WBC needs everyone's best players. Oh yeah, I really want to see Josh Beckett and Jon Lester over throwing in March.

Did I forget to mention that Dice K threw 98 pitches last night?

Schilling Retires


Say what you want about this guy, but in the postseason he's the guy that I want to have the ball. Outright dominating in his career.

Schilling came to the Red Sox for one reason only, to help bring a championship to the long suffering organization and fans. He delivered in 2 postseasons. Look at his postseason stats-

In 19 postseason starts, he compiled an 11-2 record with a 2.23 ERA, striking out 120 batters in 133.1 innings while allowing just 104 hits. His teams won 10 of the 12 playoff series in which he pitched.

Here's what Jason Varitek thinks-

I don't think we're standing where we're at, having won two world championships, without Curt," Varitek said. "What he brought in his preparation as a winning commodity, as a winning pitcher, somebody that strived for this organization to do well, to work towards doing what his organization hadn't done in 86 years. He cares about winning. And he cared about this organization doing well.

And Tito-

He'd give you everything he has," said Francona, who noted that Schilling pitched the first game he managed in the big leagues. "Every time he pitched, you felt like you had a chance to win. He had the ability to reach back for more about as good as anybody I've ever seen.
"Even in Philadelphia when we were struggling to win, you felt like you had a pretty good team that day he was pitching.

Schilling's statement on his blog

Thanks Curt-

Stating the Obvious

New York is the most regulated state in the country. Go figure...

Here is some silliness-

In health insurance, Sorens notes that health policies in New York have to include coverage for contraception, even for 80-year-old people who are unlikely to need it. Coverage for hospice care is likewise required, even for healthy 20-year-olds.

and, more-

Still, there's no disputing that people are leaving New York. Sorens and Ruger found that between 2000 and 2007 New York saw an outmigration of nearly 8 percent that is people leaving for another state. Colorado, by contrast, grew 3 percent.

Read it

Obviously the trend in New York State is to vote people into office that want to implement the cradle to grave standard that has crippled countries like France and Sweden. The reality will be sobering. More and more earners (translation-capitalists) are leaving the state, leaving the takers behind. While our population has shrunk, our state government has gotten bigger. Are there more services for less people, or more likely, a greater percentage of the population taking up services?

"If you look at the retirement Web sites they all recommend not moving back to New York,'' said Grande, 59. "In New York it's like 'this is the system we've had since 1776 and we're not going to tamper with it,' " he added.

Actually, in 1776, we had residents who prided themselves on making their way without government help. What a concept... Now we have a large segment of our population who can't make it through a day without a government (taxpayer) supported program.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Punch Drunk?

Calling the adults...Where are the adults in this administration?

Seriously, the presidency is a very serious job and needs someone that possesses a certain amount of gravitas. It has become apparent that Barack Obama is not that person.

It also seems like everyone has figured that out by now.


Has anyone ever asked a president if he was punch drunk? Can you imagine someone asking the same question to Harry Truman?

Anniversary of the Great Escape

Former prisoners of the German POW camp immortalised in the film 'The Great Escape' will return this week to pay homage to the men who were murdered after the breakout.

Adolf Hitler ordered 50 recaptured Allied airmen to be shot as a deterrent to others seeking to escape after their spectacular bid for freedom from Stalag Luft III.

Only three men made 'home runs' to safety through a tunnel which, nevertheless, tied up tens of thousands of Germans, who would otherwise be fighting, in the search for the escapers.


No Americans were involved in the escape. The fictionalized account, The Great Escape, did, however feature Americans in pivitol roles.

The Steve McQueen character was based in part on Alvin Vogtle, a pilot from Alabama, who although made several escape attempts, did not participate in the final escape depicted in the film.

Vogtle's Obit

There are also aspects of Eric Foster represented in McQueen's character. Foster was a British Flight Lieutenant and Navigator for the RAF.

Eric Foster Article

McQueen's motorbike scene is completely fictional.

James Garner's character is a compilation of many POWs.

Richard Attenborough plays Roger Bushell, the mastermind of the escape. Bushell was a South African born Auxiliary Air Force Squadron Leader for the RAF.

PBS article about the three that got away

Michael Goodwin, NY Daily News

Michael Goodwin in the Daily News. One excerpt-

If only. In truth, there is no history for what he [Obama] is doing. He is the most radical President of our times, far outside the mainstream of our political philosophy.

Goodwin again states the obvious.

During the campaign, a fellow journalist confided that "I know Obama is a Manchurian candidate, I just can't figure out what for."

I laughed then, but no more. Obama represents a secular religion that believes, no matter the malady, Washington is the antidote. More government is the chicken soup of his tribe.

It is an illusion of many Republicans and Democrats that Washington can successfully manage the economy and our lives. Our institutions and culture are too big, too diverse and too unruly to be run like a banana republic.

Yet the economic mess has robbed the nation of its confidence, and the vacuum is being filled by politicians bearing promises and borrowed dollars. The true cost of this "help" will come later, with back-breaking debt and a lack of growth and opportunity.

It's all here.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

New York State Comptroller's Office, More Felons?

Shining a bright light on the New York State Comptroller's Office is proving to be a worthwhile exercise.

First let's visit the past. A couple of Alan Hevesi's buddies soon could be joining the former Comptroller in the ever expanding ex-NYS public servant “felon's club.”

Henry Morris, who was the fund-raiser for former comptroller Alan Hevesi, and David Loglisci, who was the state pension fund's top investment officer, were charged with securities fraud, bribery, money laundering and other crimes in a 123-count indictment.

Morris and an unidentified partner received more than $13 million in "sham placement fees" from five investments totalling $730 million that involved The Carlyle Group, Cuomo said.


Of course, this is New York State, where voters overwhelmingly elected Alan Hevesi after the truth came out about his using taxpayer funded state cars and drivers to ferry around his wife. His opponent in the 2006 race was Chris Callaghan, the Saratoga County Treasurer, whose background included: Budget Officer for the Town of Waterford from 1980 to 1986, President of the New York State Association of County Treasurers and Finance Officers, and a member of the National Association of County Treasurers and Finance Officers. Callaghan was a competent and honest public servant who, importantly, didn't have a record of misusing taxpayer money. On the other hand, Hevesi had been treating his wife to freebie rides for years, even back when he was the Comptroller in New York City.

Again, with all of this in the public domain, Hevesi still won in a landslide. It is true that we get the government we deserve, especially in New York State.

Now, to the present. After the forced resignation of Hevesi, we have Thomas DiNapoli, a former assemblyman with little substantive financial background. He is now coming under fire.

Taking over the job of state comptroller in 2007, Thomas P. DiNapoli said he would bring an openness and accountability to the scandal-plagued office.

He set up new rules: all investments from the state pension fund would be made public every month, along with the names of those who brokered the deals.

But several weeks after assuming the job, Mr. DiNapoli met with the chief partner of the private equity firm InterMedia Partners, Leo J. Hindery Jr., and quietly raised the pension fund’s investment in Mr. Hindery’s firm by $15 million.

That investment was never disclosed, nor was the involvement of Roberto Ramirez, a prominent lobbyist and former colleague of Mr. DiNapoli’s who helped bring about the deal on Mr. Hindery’s behalf.

After a recent inquiry by The New York Times, Mr. DiNapoli’s office initially said no such investment had been made, then later acknowledged it had been and said the lack of disclosure was an oversight.

Even some of the steps Mr. DiNapoli has taken to bring a new ethical climate to the office raise questions. When he named a six-member task force in 2007 to examine his ethics and oversight of the fund, he included a representative from New York State United Teachers. The union had to pay $100,000 the previous year to settle state charges that it misled its members about high-cost retirement products it was encouraging them to buy and quietly took payments from the company selling the investments.

Read the whole story.

Of course, DiNapoli has is priorities in order, especially when it comes to raising funds for his 2010 campaign.

But he (DiNapoli) is amassing tens of thousands of dollars in contributions from investment firms, either directly or from their executives, often from little-known money managers, including Quadrant Management, Azimuth Capital and Nemazee Capital.

Mr. DiNapoli is also taking money from law firms that do business with or are seeking business with the fund. Seven partners at the law firm Labaton Sucharow contributed $42,500 to DiNapoli 2010 after the firm was hired by Mr. DiNapoli to represent the office in litigation against Countrywide, the troubled mortgage lender.

Contributions are also coming from placement agents who facilitate deals for investment firms, one of the central ethical morasses that enveloped the office under Mr. Hevesi. Last month, at least two people connected to Arvco Capital, a placement agency, donated $10,000 apiece. Arvco received $3.6 million from two investment firms for serving as a placement agent as recently as January 2008.

And, these are the people we want having more control over our lives?

Loretta Lynn

I saw Loretta Lynn last night at Penn's Peak in Pennsylvania. She still has an amazing stage presence. Her twin daughter's, The Lynns served as the opening act along with their older brother Ernie, who also plays guitar when Loretta takes over. Granddaughter Tayla was a highlight.

There were times where she couldn't find her voice and missed some lyrics. "You Ain't Woman Enough (to Take My Man)", Coal Miner's Daughter, "I'm a Honky Tonk Girl", "Here I Am Again," "Blue Kentucky Girl" and "They Don't Make 'em Like My Daddy" were all in her 75 minute set.

The best moment of the show was the oft covered Patsy Cline song, “She's Got You”.

What a legend.

And Then There Was One

Drummer Jimmy Chamberlin has left The Smashing Pumpkins. Lead guitarist/songwriter Billy Corgan is the only original Pumpkin left. Apparently he's headed to the studio to record under the original name.


My favorite still is the B-side compilation Pisces Iscariot.


The Caine Mutiny is a great movie. Although Captain Queeg is a complete nutter and an incompetent, the sleazeball in the film is Lt. Keefer played by Fred MacMurray against type.

I've had a few Captain Queeg types as workplace managers. It is always someone else's fault. Miserable...


Whittaker: Mr. Maryk, Mr. Kieth. The captain wants a meeting with all officers, right away.
Lt. Maryk: Now? At one o'clock in the morning?
Whittaker: Yes, sir.
Lt. Maryk: Do you know what it's about?
Whittaker: Yes, sir - strawberries.

Conservationists vs. Solar Panels

...and Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) is in the middle of it. The last paragraph of the article is telling.

"There's plenty of room in America's deserts for the bold expansion of renewable energy projects," [Feinstein spokesman] Duran said. As long as they aren't located in California. (I added the bold)


We are dealing with this on the East Coast, where uber environmentalist Robert Kennedy Jr. doesn't want his Hyannisport view spoiled by wind turbines. He has no problem with littering other people's landscapes with the manifestations of his ideas, just don't ask him to take one for the team.

NEWSFLASH: Iran's Mullahs Still Don't Like Us and (update) either does Chavez

Why were most of us under the impression that an administration change would suddenly make everyone like us? And, why do we want oppressive regimes to be our buddies?


The whole smooth orator act worked well during the campaign when very few media people were willing to ask Barack Obama any difficult questions. Most everyone was weak at the knees in his presence. No more...this is the real world. There are people who hate everything we stand for: our freedoms, civil rights and rule of law. Khamenei obviously doesn't get a thrill going up his leg when President Obama speaks.

UPDATE: Chavez weighs in-

Friday, March 20, 2009

North Korea - UPDATE

North Korean crazies kidnap again.

This time it's Lisa Ling's sister. Ling visited North Korea in 2006.


Brainwashing at its utmost...

UPDATE: Confirmation from the official Korean Central News Agency -


The journalists and cameraman Mitch Koss were following their guide across the frozen Tumen River early Tuesday morning when North Korean soldiers armed with rifles approached them from a half-hidden guard post, the South Korean Chosun Ilbo newspaper reported Saturday. It cited activists working with North Korean refugees in China and other unidentified sources.

Koss and the guide pushed the North Korean soldiers away and ran back toward China, but Ling and Lee were caught, the newspaper said, citing an unidentified source.

Laura Ling works for Al Gore's media organization, Current TV.

Since we don't have any representation in Pyongyang, we'll probably need to work through the Swedes and the Chinese on this negotiation.

Eric Cartman's Mom?

This is bizarre.


Striking Again?

Another strike in France - http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/7951949.stm

Many commuters on Thursday said they backed the action, but hoped it would be short-lived. "Fundamentally I agree, but too much is too much," one was quoted as saying. "There are strikes in the transport sector too often and we have to put up with them."

There was another one in January.


Mass transit in the capital was in chaos, with service on suburban commuter lines reduced or nonexistent, and most subways and buses running well below normal frequencies. The Education Ministry estimated that 37 percent of teachers walked out. In Marseille, the country's second largest city, television showed buses crammed with commuters as subway service was completely interrupted.

One would think that the constant striking would blunt the message of the protest. It always seems that the strikes are about the same issue, namely, the government trying to reign in what it created: a bloated bureaucracy, guaranteed benefits and entitlements in the public sector.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thanks Coach K

"Somebody said that we're not in President Obama's Final Four, and as much as I respect what he's doing, really, the economy is something that he should focus on, probably more than the brackets," Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski said from the Blue Devils' first-round site in Greensboro, N.C.


Thanks for pointing out the obvious. Perception is reality. Enough already with President Obama's yukking it up with Jay Leno, Wednesday night cocktail parties at the White House and the beers at the Washington Wizards' game. The economy is in shambles, and we just find out that the Obama administration previously approved the AIG bonuses that they are piously condemning. This does seem like amateur hour. The media would have been all over the Bush Administration if it were acting like this.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bad TV

This is absolutely amazing to me. I can't believe that a cheesy karaoke contest is currently the most popular show on TV.


And, the Spanish soap operas are not even really competing?

Is this a Joke?

No words...


The Ugliest Man in Baseball

Julian Tavarez is not only one of the ugliest men in baseball, he is also one of the most candid.

"Why did I sign with the Nationals?" Tavarez told a group of reporters. "When you go to a club at [4 a.m.], and you're just waiting, waiting, a 600-pounder looks like J. Lo. And to me this is Jennifer Lopez right here. It's [4 a.m.]. Too much to drink. So, Nationals: Jennifer Lopez to me."

"I would like to be a starter, but it's like my father said: 'You want Jennifer Lopez, but does she want you? No.' You just take whatever she is giving to you. So I just take whatever they give to me ... They give to me as a long man, I take it as a long man. Set up man, I take it. Starter, I take it. I can do whatever."


The WBC Strikes Again

Kevin Youkilis has a sprained ankle and is returning to Fort Myers.


Apparently he played through the pain in the Puerto Rico game. Excellent...

Croc Attack

Why are these kids swimming in Northern Territory swamps?


A few weeks ago a boy was killed in an attack in Daintree River floodwaters in North Queensland. The Daintree River is where the tourists take boat cruises to see the biggest crocodiles in the world. Apparently the boy was chasing his dog: it isn't a popular swimming hole.


These salt water crocodiles are everywhere in coastal northern Australia, rivers, open oceans, swamps, etc. I would never swim anywhere in tropical Australia except the reef. Crocs, box jellies, etc. Who wants to die this way?

Check out this story-


And, go figure that this guy was from NWS. Maybe he just wasn't used to drinking Fourex?


No Kidding

Wow, tax cuts lead to economic growth? Who knew?


Can someone get these guys to a bigger stage?

Equal Opportunity

This is against the law?


Can someone solicit sex for a person who is classified as diminished?

There will be a followup story with stories of women who want to help out. Bet on it.

Can there be a reality show in Otto's future?

(Disclaimer: I work with a diminished adult. I don't think that I would ever chose to expose him to this type of publicity. But, again, that's just me.)

Adios Siesta

This is old news, but as usual, I just found out about it.

I know the Euros are unproductive, but isn't that part of their charm? The French already gave up their sanctioned 35 hour work week. What's next to go, the standard 2 month holiday?


I guess since the US is moving full throttle toward socialism, someone has to pick up the slack.

Muchas Gracias...y benvenidos al mundo real.

Don't worry amigos, you'll still have time for this-


Monday, March 16, 2009

The Return of Manny's Hammy

Will this be a recurring theme this year?


World War I Vets Honored

France has honored 2 of the 3 living British World War I veterans.

"Henry Allingham, who at 112 is also the country's oldest man, was given the Legion d'Honneur medal by Ambassador Maurice Gourdault-Montagne in a ceremony at the French diplomat's residence in London."

Veterans Minister Kevan Jones, who attended the ceremony, said Allingham had visited schools to help children "remember the sacrifice thousands of British soldiers made in World War I and ensured that they understand the debt of gratitude we owe them."


Speaking of World War I, I took an amazing tour of the battlefields in Flanders back in the early 1990's. As a rule, I despise any kind of group tour. This was the exception. If you are ever in the region, check it out.


Cap and Trade is a Bad Idea in Australia and everywhere

This is just the beginning:


We are in a recession. Let's not implement policies that are certain to lead to job losses.

The Best Gangster Film of All Time?

What about White Heat?

James Cagney, Virginia Mayo and Edmond O'Brien star in one of the greatest gangster films ever made. This may be my favorite Cagney starring film. (I love Mister Roberts, but that was more of an ensemble film.)

The trailer-- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ni99TZgliQI

Out of all the major studios, Warner Brothers made the best gangster films. There is no argument.

Virginia Mayo's entrance in White Heat is an aberration. A glamorous movie actress close-up snoring. Cagney's mother complex and his powerful presence throughout the film is remarkable.

Rent it and watch it. Movies like this aren't made anymore.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Old News - The Beeps Don't Really do Anything But Get Loads of Perks

The borough presidents in New York City have very limited duties, but do get to spend taxpayer dollars on pet projects and take advantage of paid junkets while making a very good salary.


I met Marty Markowitz at the Mermaid Parade a few years back. He seemed liked a nice enough guy, but is he really worth $160,000 per annum and full-time chauffeur?

"It should be abolished or it should be strengthened," said Dick Dadey, executive director of the Citizens Union, a nonpartisan government watchdog group. "I'm not confident that the way the office is currently constructed has proved to be effective."

Another Entitled Bureaucrat...Same Old Story, Part 2

As it happens, over and over again, the New York State government squeezes private enterprise, big and small, to pay for, among other nonsense, their on the job perks.

According to the NY Post exclusive: "...state employees buckle up in free cars provided to them by the state - paid for and gassed up with $86 million in taxpayer money this fiscal year alone..."

Offenders include:

"Housing Commissioner Deborah VanAmerongen, who is picked up from her Upper West Side apartment - less than one block from a subway station - and driven in a 2008 Toyota Highlander hybrid to her downtown office or to meetings. Her driver earns $57,479 a year and has no other duties."

"State Banking Superintendent Richard Neiman, who lives just two miles from a Metro-North train station in Westchester, but is chauffeured daily from his home to a lower Manhattan office."

Apparently, we pay Neiman's driver $32,000 a year and also the $150 per diem parking garage bill. The Department defends the situation by claiming that Neiman needs to be available "around-the-clock." Isn't that what cabs are for? Not our pampered bureaucrat's though, they need chauffeured cars.

Don't worry bureaucrats, the boss has your backs.

"Gov. Paterson's office defended the use of the drivers, saying some commissioners were required to travel extensively and "use the car as a private workspace in order to maximize their time."

For NYS, this sort of behavior is old hat: "Former Health Commissioner Antonia Novello used state workers to shuttle her to shopping, according to the state inspector general."

"Former state Comptroller Alan Hevesi pleaded guilty to defrauding the government in 2006 and resigned for using state workers to drive his wife. "

Read the whole thing.

Again, I'll say it, our government is getting bigger and more centralized, i.e., socialism. We are surrendering more and more control of our own lives to these entitled asshats who only care about their own existence.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The WBC - Urghhh

Dustin Pedroia is returning to Fort Myers after straining an oblique muscle during a World Baseball Classic batting practice session.


Although I love watching baseball at this time of year, I cringe when I see someone like David Ortiz playing first base with a sore shoulder in a meaningless game. And, seriously, at this stage, WBC games are meaningless. I have a problem with MLB players playing in a tournament that can cause injury and render them unable to fulfill their MLB contracts. With Jason Bay, Ortiz, and Pedroia back, I only need to worry about Youkilis, Javier Lopez and Dice K. Did I mention that Julio Lugo, who is on fire this spring, may have a torn meniscus?

Alan Livingston died today


He created Bozo the Clown, helped to resuscitate Frank Sinatra's singing career in the early 1950's by pairing him with Nelson Riddle and brought the Beatles to the States. He was also married to actress/singer Betty Hutton for a few years in the 1950's.

Deja Vu All Over Again

This is a test, this is only a test. Wishful thinking...

Remember the Monroe Doctrine? I think that this qualifies as a violation of it. Let's see what actions our government takes, if any at all.


Whale and Dolphin Rescue

54 whales and five dolphins beached on an island off the coast of Tasmania were saved by over 150 volunteers.

Here's a video:


Here's an article:


Some conservationists believe military sonar had something to do with the whale's behavior.


King's Island is off NW Tasmania. You can probably take Regional Express (REX) from Tasmania or mainland Australia to get to King's Island. If you are lucky you get one of their planes with sheepskin covered seats.


Friday, March 13, 2009

Troy is the Alibi


You really need to read the whole article.

Of course we won't have a chance to put this person in jail because we have a dimished DA that can't convict anyone.

Our DA lost a case where a convict on furlough from the Hudson Correctional Facility shot his ex-girlfriend. The girlfriend survived and was the eye witness. Even with her testimony, he couldn't win the case.

Orange - UPDATE

Syracuse looks pretty good after their 6 OT win againt UConn. West Virginia looks tired.

We'll see what the second half brings.

UPDATE: It only took one overtime for the Orange to win this time. On to the Big East Final.



I don't know what to say.

Test Case

Junichi Tazawa is a test case. He has never played in the Nippon Professional Baseball League. He will start at AA Portland. Sox officials have him pegged as a high draft pick. He could be a steal, or he could be ...?


Pedro back in L.A.?


Ned Colletti was impressed by Pedro's preformance against the Netherlands. Here's a newsflash, Ned, the Netherlands has the following batting statistics for this year's WBC:

OPB .207
SLG .175
AVG .151
OPS .382

Pedro gave up one hit in 6 innings pitched. WOW...what a stud. Let him throw in the Cape Cod league this summer and watch him really impress us.

Implore the Japanese to Continue Rearmament

It would solve many problems.


Simpleton history test:

Question- Why are the Chinese and North Koreans flexing their muscles with no fear of reprecussions?

Answer - When we kneecapped the Japanese after WWII, there was a power vacuum in East Asia. The Japanese have been reluctant to rearm ever since.

Outside of 15 years (1930-45) in the past 2 centuries, the Japanese have been our allies. Let's not let 15 years of crazy jingoism get in the way of a good decision. A rearmed Japan would serve as an adequate bulwark against China and North Korea. At least it's a start.

Local Nutjobs

When you have an "aka" at age 17, you've gotten off to a bad start in life.


Let's hope that this person doesn't procreate.

Read the Constitution

Do you think that these people really know what they are doing?


It is almost like our representatives are slowly waking up to the fact that we have the most radical left wing President in history who somehow (with the media acting as a handmaiden) has lulled much of the US into thinking that he is a moderate.

Again, I impore our President to please read the Consitution. Is that too much to ask?

Another Epic Moment Missed

I fell asleep in the 3rd OT and missed the end of one of the best college basketball games ever played.


The Orange should be run out of MSG tonight by West Virginia. No matter, they will get a decent Tourney seed.

Shock about Anna Nicole? - UPDATE



I love how the NY Post titles this article. Seriously, is anything brought up about Anna Nicole Smith shocking anyone? There could be speculation that she gave birth to a family of chipmunks, and I'd believe it.

We are supposed to be shocked that a bunch of star wannabe groupies supplied her with an inordinate amount of drugs? I thought that this was already common knowledge? Pathetic...

UPDATE: Conclusive proof that a goofy loser had to ply a Playboy playmate with drugs to force her to stay with him. Really...you mean she wouldn't be with this weirdo without a constant infusion of pharmaceuticals?


George Clooney for Lunch?

Has PETA lost it? First it was the breast milk in Starbuck's coffee, then it was the sea kittens rebranding campaign, now this-


"In a letter sent to the actor (George Clooney), (PETA President Ingrid) Newkirk said that PETA has been offered his gym towel (obtained right here in D.C.!) and wants to use his sweat to create Clooney tofu that will "spare animals from being killed for the table." She went on to explain that the science is pretty simple, like "making artificial chicken flavor for instant gravy.""

Could this really be true? And, who would eat sweat flavored tofu? To me, Soylent Green sounds more appealing. But, what do I know? I'm a meat eater and think sea kittens are tasty.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Buyer's Remorse for Citi?


Making a deal with the Federal Government is like diving into the North Atlantic in June. It looks really inviting until you take the plunge. If you don't get out ASAP, the hypothermia will slowly kill you. I think Citi just realized this; better to try to make it on your own then face a certain slow death. The Feds have never run a profitable operation. That won't change.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio


Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is under fire again for his immigration control methods. The Sheriff is not backing down.

When people say that they don't want the Sheriff to use racial profiling, does that mean that he ought to ignore that fact that, by and large, the illegal alien population in the Phoenix area is of Hispanic origin?

Can someone clarify that for me?

Man vs. Shark

How did I miss this? It happened last June.

Whilst being the second most prolific "man-eater", next to the Great White shark, the Tiger Shark is a beautiful animal. They are typically a warm water fish (ask Hawaiian surfers about them) and will eat just about anything, including: license plates, gas cans and old tires, although their preferred diet includes, fish, seals, birds, smaller sharks, squid and turtles.

Tiger Sharks are known as the garbage cans of the ocean.

Check out the link for more pictures.

UPDATE: Apparently Tiger Sharks kill a higher proportion of their victims than Great Whites. (Animal Planet - When Animals Strike 2)

Another One Bites the Dust

Another small business closes in Upstate New York. When will our government know-it-alls realize that when the economy tanks, small businesses are effected the most? You know, the businesses that account for over half of our national employment and the ones that will be hit the hardest with any news taxes, regulation and governmental anti-business actions. When small businesses start to fail or, in the case of New York State, don't even bother trying to start-up up, we all suffer.


Seriously, I'm surprised that businesses like this hold on for as long as they do. Outside of California, I can't think of another state where people can't wait to get out. And, what is the NYS government's response? Try to suck more money out of these businesses, piling on more regulations and hoops to jump through. Hey, New York State has to find businesses that are efficient to pay for its inefficient business model. At some point, productivity will go elsewhere. The sad part about it is that I don't think they care about anything but their guaranteed jobs, pensions, vacations, early retirement perks and annual raises.

The Spitzer Scandal - One Year Old


Are New Yorkers better off today with David Paterson as our Governor?

Let's see, would we rather have a psychotic nut who tries to kneecap (figuratively, I think...) anyone who disagrees with him, or a goofy, likable, lightweight who seems to have absolutely no idea what he's doing?

I can't answer that, can you?

Which one's the Douche, and which one's the Turd Sandwich?

NY Stripper Tax and Other Empire State Issues

"(NYS Assemblyman Felix Ortiz) proposed legislation places a $10 per customer surcharge on "patrons of 'adult entertainment' establishments that serve food or drink along with nude or semi-nude dancing." "


If this isn't a regressive tax, I don't know what is.

Our idiot Governor just made a move taking away a bunch of those silly fees that he proposed earlier in the budget process- another bunch of regressive taxes.


Here's a newsflash, Governor, even if you use the federal stimulus money to try to plug the budget hole, what will you do next time when you have the same budget problems because year in and year out, NYS STATE SPENDS MORE THAN IT HAS!

This is a systemic problem. Structural changes within the state have to be made. We can't solve our budget problems every year by sending our idiot Governor to panhandle on Capitol Hill.

Feds spending millions on Kennedy legacy in Mass.- Seriously, It's Really True

I saw this earlier today and tried to pretend that it wasn't true. Are you joking?


"More than one out of every five dollars of the $126 million Massachusetts is receiving in earmarks from a $410 billion federal spending package is going to help preserve the legacy of the Kennedys."

Edward M. Kennedy Institute? Hmmm...

Kennedy and Kerry already screwed the country with the ridiculous Big Dig price tag, and now this.

You cannot make this stuff up.

Not Another One

Good God, please stop...we are already mortgaged and debt ridden beyond belief. What do these people think they are handling? Monopoly money? At some point, the US Dollar will be worth less than that crappy Turkish Lira. Kill me now.


Can someone step in and give these idiots a simple economics lesson? The government can't spend its way out of a recession. Don't prop up bad businesses, don't force people who play by the rules to pay for other people's mistakes and let people be productive and keep more of the money that they earn.

Of course, my idiot Governor will be standing at the front of the line with his hands out. How embarrassing...

South Park Season 13 Premiere

Kenny has a girlfriend, poorer than him and a whore. They go see the Jonas Brothers and are convinced to wear purity rings. There were a bunch of goofs on the Jonas Brothers. Kenny is so screwed up that he starts to watch Grey's Anatomy.

The boys are held hostage by a crazed Mickey Mouse when they try to expose the hypocrisy. Everything comes to light when Mickey goes on a tirade and he turns into Mecca Mickey Mouse at the end.

Kenny dies from syphilis.

Will he return?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

College, Is It Really For Everyone?

What is so wrong with trade schools?


George Leef is on point, college graduation does not guarantee prosperity.

China Isn't Blinking

Surprise, surprise....

China with a military budget that has grown 16% annually in the past decade is throwing her weight around.


This is great news (the bizarro kind) where the United States plans to spend just 3% of GDP on defense by 2016. ATTENTION EVERYONE: There are people out there who want to dominate and/or kill us and no amount of psychoanalysis and nicey nice talk will change that.

Remember that guy Roosevelt who said something about a big stick?

Mark Sanford Has A Pair


How will this play out?

I know that my Governor was acting like a homeless man at the Christopher Street subway station when it came to the stimulus handout. I mean, come on Dave, have some pride.

It is good to see some people actually thinking this thing out. The federal government is like a mold (the bad kind) spreading and contaminating everything it touches.

NEWSFLASH: The United States is a Federal Republic, not a Democracy. Have any of our federal representatives read the Constitution? I would point them to the 10th amendment. No matter, because of our idiot Governor, we probably would be screwed regardless.

Syracuse over Seton Hall

This is a blow out. The Orangemen play Connecticut next. What are their chances, really?

Wake Up America

American Idol is a karaoke contest, nothing more. You can go to your local cheesy bar and see and hear the same level of talent singing the same crap.

It's actually sort of funny in a very sad way. Is this where we are with the talent that we produce?

Another Entitled Bureaucrat...Same Old Story

Isn't this one of the approximately 1 million reasons why we shouldn't want to give our government and the people who run it more power?


Term limits, anyone?

UPDATE: The complete report from Judicial Watch-


More bad news for Pedro

UPDATE via ESPN: There is no way the Mets will be signing Pedro to ANY contract.

You were the best of your generation, Pedro, but it's over...

U2 in Davis Square

When I lived in the Davis Square area, I used to go to the Somerville Theatre all the time. It was cheap, had great popcorn and the Burren was right down the street.

Here's the point--Can you believe that a band like U2 is popular?

Do they have crazy talent? Have you ever heard anyone say that they want to play guitar like the Edge? Seriously, the lyrics are goofy and the music very simplistic. Of course, that's fine and enjoyable, but let's not get crazy about it.


Alan Greenspan...legacy?

He did reject fears about the housing bubble.


When will history judge him? And how?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Beware of Sea Cucumbers

This is really funny.

I wonder to what marine life the sign is referring?

Starfish, clams, scallops, or maybe those killer sea cucumbers?


UPDATE: The Mighty Dutch prevail and Pedro loses

Who is the true loser? Pedro, anyone?

Pedro Martinez was supposed to use the WBC to parley his talents into a "respectable" contract.

Sorry Pedro, nothing doing. You guys went down like Cartman vs. Wendy. No chance to show everyone what you are all about.

Retire and get accolades-seriously, every inning you pitch now is damaging your legacy.

AWESOME - More debt, earmarks and pork barrel spending UPDATE: NY POST OP ED


Change We Can Believe In!

UPDATE: NY Post opines-


Jayson Stark - A Twofer

Article #1 - Shut up Manny!


• MANNY'S OLD CONTRACT: Two years, $40 million computes to a present-day value of $39.05 million, Baumgarten estimates.
-- Present-day value after taxes: $19.52 million.
-- Present-day value after the commission to his previous agent: $17.96 million.
• MANNY'S NEW CONTRACT: Two years, $45 million -- but with $25 million of that $45 million deferred at 0 percent interest. So the present-day value would be $41.1 million.
-- Present-day value after taxes: $20.57 million.
-- Present-day value after the commission to Scott Boras: $18.92 million.
• SO THE DIFFERENCE IS: Just under a million bucks, basically -- or $961,064, to be exact -- is all Manny really got out of this. That's the real difference between the money he'll earn in this contract versus the dollars he could have had under his old contract.

Is Manny really that stupid? Rhetorical question...don't bother.

Article #2 - Red Sox sign a bunch of players on the cheap


"...the Red Sox's additions were products of a whole different philosophy, not just a whole different checking account. The four free agents they imported -- John Smoltz, Brad Penny, Takashi Saito and Rocco Baldelli -- cost this team 4 million fewer guaranteed dollars ($12.5 million total) than the Yankees will pay Burnett alone this year."

WOW! The best part about it is that they are all short term contracts. If they suck (paging Carl Pavano) it doesn't really matter.

Viva Dominicana in the WBC - UPDATE: I jumped the gun on this one - The Netherland's greatest moment since that little Dutch boy plugged the dike

Looks like the DR is about to squeak one out against the mighty Dutch. Why is this such a problem for the Dominicans? It's the NETHERLANDS! It should be the mercy rule in 7.

Ortiz started at 1B. Please Felipe, don't do that again.

UPDATE: The Dutch tied it up in the 11th. Are you kidding?

UPDATE: DR error on the pickoff attempt. No name Dutch guy at 3rd.

UPDATE: Fatso Sidney Ponson and a bunch of nobodies just beat the DR.

Welcome Back to Fort Myers David Ortiz.

UPDATE: Democrats Block GOP Bid to Extend DC Vouchers


Public school for thee, not for me.

thanks guys!

Will McDonough is smiling

The Texas Con-Man lives on. What a turd.


Considering his actions after the Mitchell Report was published, did anyone think that this guy wasn't juicing? Loser...

It could be worse, I could be living in California

Just when you thought your state was the crappiest state to live in, you realize that at least you're not living in California.


How can a state that once was a prime destination for so many people turn out to be a such a stagnant blight on the map?

This is a big problem-

"California's net state-to-state migration loss has been higher than every other state's. Most reports suggest that those who are leaving the state are far more highly educated than those entering it."

Turns out it's a case of a bunch of people taxing, mandating, outlawing and eliminating everything that is needed to be productive. And, of course, the obligatory nanny state mentality and bloated government steering the ship.

Road trip, anyone?

Monday, March 9, 2009

Does Anything Good Come of Facebook?

Not for this ex-Eagles employee-


The Eagles reaction does seem a bit extreme. Do they have people within the organization surfing Facebook pages to make sure their team isn't disparaged?

John Lester

John Lester signed a five year/$30 million deal with a $14 million team option for the sixth year.


Assuming the Red Sox pick up Jon Lester's option in 2013, they've locked up 2 years of his free agency.

Lester is a stud and a quality number #2 on any team. If Becket returns to form this year, they are arguably the best 1/2 combo in MLB.

Now all we need to do is cross our fingers that Lowell's labrum stays intact, Drew's back doesn't act up, Ortiz's wrists/knee, etc. stay strong and Youkilis and Pedroia continue their 2008 seasons into 2009.