Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lair of Trash Sheep

(Possible sheep racked out on 'roids in front.)

Final sighting of Ice Cream Man/Gas Man.

Monday, June 10, 2013

More Land of the Trash Cow

Close Up of Trash Cow
Trash Cow Neighbors - Trash Goats

Trash Donkey (possible friend of Trash Cow).

Trash Sheep (also possible friend of Trash Cow).

(Trash) cow crossing.

Vehicles good for transporting various things - trees, boxes, rags, camels, horses and sometimes people (if space available).

Vans transport shisha pipes only - no camels, horses, or trees (definitely no people).

JETT buses, however, only transport people.

Water trucks can also carry 8 year olds (but only on the roof).

Chinese and Sushi - both an ethnicity and a cuisine. Possibly applicable for the dude in the turban too.

One can buy omelets and/or donuts, but nothing else.

If you shop here, you can look like Brad Pitt (or maybe he just shops here too).
No ice cream/gas man to compete with whistle-blowing cotton candy man. 

Posturing in front of the Range Rover to lure customers.

Apparently the Range Rover attracts balloon buyers not cotton candy consumers.

Calm before the storm (never make a camo-hat wearing child lay down his AK-47 during dinner).

 Possible non-franchised Popeye's branch.

Little known secret - foxes like to be shrouded in hats made of themselves (and also like to go clubbing).

Not a Blockbuster lounge but the inside of Fitness First.

Yet another hot dude at the gym (although not takfiri).

Election sign looting has no age limit.

Greatest multi tool ever.

Giant macaroon next to baby nails.

Haji snowman from winter.

Wazzup Dog