Friday, October 13, 2017


(Night of Drinking, Eating, and Smoking)

"Just pull!" (To start the evening, Anonymous must shed her granny stockings - although the man hands apparently aren't self sufficient.)

Five drinks at Ambar for three people (Anonymous' first is long gone).

"You could put a planet on my man hands." - Anonymous

"If we eat at Rose's Luxury, we won't be able to eat at Aqua al 2!"
"Wait, what?  We have to choose?"
"Ok, let's go grab a couple of meals there too then go to the other place too!"

"I can't believe we're stuffing our faces (at Garrison's) before we go to dinner (at Rose's Luxury)."
"Really, did you just say that?  That's absurd."  (Famous last words.)

"We'll take two of the caviar supplement.  We're not sharing."

"The Iranian is really good."

(Appetizer post two full entrees at Garrison's that were really a "snack")

Our "main" meal.

Complimentary dessert after ordering creme brulee. 

"Is it a prerequisite to get gout before a node?"
"I don't care if I get gout."  (Clearly.)

"Your chaser is basil." (But we still ate the weird dessert because it was free.)

"Where's the bottle?"
"It's in your glass."  (Memory loss is the first sign of gout.)

"You're the invitro.  I mean introvert."
"Dude, we got so many freebies because of your Lahore ass."  (Not to complain about the free food one gets with their man hands.)

"Do you know Potato?"
"No.  How can she look like a potato?  Draw her."

"How can no one have a neck?  She must look like this." (No, Anonymous, you're wrong.)

"Dude, this is a stripper tip."  (Translation - this was a very cheap meal compared to FL.)

"Blow me a stay puff marshmallow man."
"Did you just call me a stay puff marshmallow man?" (In the world of Lahores with man hands, this means smoke rings.)

"If you hurt yourself, I can't help you." (Lack of charcoal attentiveness and sympathy at Cafe 8.)

"I think it's fair that we're not gonna eat this fish."
"Do we even know it's fish?"
"No."  (The realization that after eating all the food above, we had ordered a third entree/snack at Garrison's and have been carting it around in a shopping bag.)

"We gave away one meal just to get another one.  We put it by the trash can."

"Wait, did you sleep in your clothes again?"

Another successful NODE(S) (i.e. came home in one piece with all our possessions).