Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Term Limits Please?

Have I mentioned what a sleazeball Sheldon Silver is?

He's the guy who works for the ambulance chasers Weitz & Luxenberg and doubles as the Speaker of the Assembly here in New York State. Is it a wonder that tort reform never gets voted upon in the Assembly? Are you surprised that New York, as a state, is the "third-richest target in the nation for tort lawyers" and "No. 1 for medical-malpractice lawyers"?

And, now we hear that Shelly and our half wit Governor are planning to lift the medical malpractice cap on legal fees. Of course this not only benefits Silver's ambulance chasing friends, but also the Governor's father, Basil, who is a partner for Meyer, Suozzi, English & Klein.

What medical school graduate with half of a brain cell would choose to practice in this state?

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