Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rotten Sausage

Even the liberal New York Daily News is on board with the common sense brigade.

Here are some excerpts, but this is a must read.

Paterson, Silver and Smith have reached agreement on a budget that's fundamentally wrong for New York. The crippling of Wall Street as the state's financial engine presented Paterson, Silver and Smith with the challenge of bringing runaway spending into line with plummeting revenue.

Destructively, they did the opposite: They hiked spending astronomically. By $10.5 billion. Almost 9%. Roughly seven times the inflation rate.

And they financed that explosion in costs by distorting $7 billion in federal economic stimulus funding into a vehicle to spend more, while imposing some $7 billion in new taxes and fees.

Nothing illustrates how remote Albany has become from life as lived by real New Yorkers better than the fact that Paterson, Silver and Smith proclaimed they had made tough choices that would lead to a bright future.

Actually, the only tough choices they made were in deciding whom to hit with new taxes.

Their primary target is households with incomes of more than $300,000, but Paterson, Silver and Smith also hammered suburban property owners and New Yorkers at large with higher utility bills and car fees, and deposits on plastic water bottles. As well as with much more.

Adding gross insult to injury, Silver and Smith kept intact the bloated pork budgets they use to send hundreds of millions of dollars annually to favored groups. They cut not a cent of the money they use to buy political support.

The conclusion:

The final disgrace is that Paterson, Silver and Smith acknowledge that tax collections are continuing to drop. The state will not be able to pay the bills the governor and lawmakers are committing to. In that sense the budget is worse than irresponsible, it's also a fraud.

We get the government we deserve. We elected these entitled asses. And, yes, Paterson was elected. It was as Governor #$@$&*% Steamroller's empty suit LG, but he was on the ballot.

If this keeps up, we'll be longing for the days of George Pataki.

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