Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Why Didn't He Think Of This A Few Weeks Ago?

Our empty-headed Governor is at it again.

Clueless Dave is touting fiscal discipline now after supporting a budget with an almost 9% spending increase. I can only imagine that he wants New York State families and private industry to tighten their belts because he couldn't mean his own bloated state government.

Here's a laugher:

“I’m not going to sign any legislation that I think has an undue impact on counties, local governments or taxpayers,” the Democratic governor said.

Let me count the ways...

Business groups complained of the tax hits on energy utilities, health insurance companies, farmers, the food and beverage industry and numerous other sectors that, in the end, will pass along the levies to consumers.

But, mainly, critics said the budget’s additional revenues — as high as $8 billion by GOP estimates— come at an especially bad time, given the economy. With the new taxes and the lack of economic development initiatives, the budget, in the words of one of the business lobbyists, shows a “disdain for the private sector.”

Health insurance taxes have soared $800 million in two years, officials said at a gathering near the Capitol that attracted representatives from small and big companies alike, while the new bottle deposit law will cost the beverage industry $230 million. Higher taxes on energy companies will cost consumers nearly $600 million this year.

How about the bottle bill which is expected to add significant costs to consumers.

Where are the signs for Empty Suit Express and Clueless Circle?

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