Thursday, April 2, 2009

David Axelrod: The Prequel

Over in Massachusetts, there exists a Governor who may be as out of touch as our empty-headed David Paterson.

Was it simply happenstance that four ex-staffers of Governor Deval Patrick found highly lucrative positions at quasi-public agencies that he recently vowed to reform?

Patrick ordered up a probe of salaries at quasi-public agencies last week as taxpayer outrage peaked over his tapping of Sen. Marian Walsh for a long-vacant $175,000-a-year post with the Massachusetts Health and Educational Facilities Authority.

Of course the agencies are defending their benefactor.

At MassTech, spokeswoman Emily Dahl said the agency received “zero pressure from the governor’s office to hire Mr. Anderson. He has a unique combination of state policy experience and expertise in international law. He was perfect for this job and we are lucky to have him.”

I'm certain that voters in Massachusetts will be happy to know that Patrick plans to run for re-election. The numbers don't look good though; he may go down in history as Massachusetts' most unpopular Governor. Of course, these are the same people who voted against repealing the state income tax. Masochists?

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