Friday, April 3, 2009

Limp Wristed Turds

Regardless of the legal requirements of MTA workers, this proves the existence of an underclass that I like to refer to as the "limp wristed turd." Yes, they are still around. You know the type. Men that watch women struggling with heavy bags without making a move to help. Limp wristed turds always are the ones that turn their heads when an elderly or handicapped person is having trouble crossing the street. My sister and I once watched two limp wristed turds step over the head of an elderly woman who had fallen by the side of the road.

This story from the NY Post takes turdom to a new level.

Maria Besedin told her terrifying story two days after Queens Supreme Court Justice Kevin Kerri gan tossed her lawsuit -- ruling the booth clerk and conductor who saw a pervert drag her off in 2005 had no obligation beyond calling cops.

"I held his gaze for at least five seconds, yelling, screaming, 'Help! Help!' " Besedin said of station agent John Koort.

But all he did was press the panic button to notify his bosses of trouble.

John Koort, the station agent, stays in his booth while a young defenseless woman is dragged away to be raped. He does nothing but call the police from his booth. I realize that chivalry is dead, but how about just being a man?

More witnesses:

Harmodio Cruz, a conductor on a train leaving the station while the attack was under way, called in a trouble report but never stopped the train.

New York has its share of good guys and heroes, but this is disturbing.

And, of course, if New York City didn't have some of the most restrictive gun laws on the books, this woman could have protected herself. But, remember, we don't need to carry guns to protect ourselves, we have the police. And, when they can't get there on time, you'd better hope that you don't have to rely on a limped wristed turd.

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  1. seriously?! This is why people don't take the subway in nyc anymore... either you get raped on the platform and no one helps you, or you get sexually assaulted in the subway car, and everyone pretends not to notice. there's no sense of pride in community anymore, it's sad.