Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sodom By The Sea

This could be the last year for Coney Island. It's hard to believe. Can you imagine a world without the Mermaid Parade? Where will Marty Markowitz hand out his palm cards?

If you haven't been to Coney Island and experienced its glories: the Cyclone, the Freak Show, frog legs at Nathan's, the Mermaid Parade, etc., plan to take the subway to Stillwell Avenue this summer.

I always liked to test my nerves by walking on the pier and dodging the fish hooks. Seriously though, an American treasure is on its last leg. Make the trip if you can.

The best book about Coney Island is the still out of print "Sodom by the Sea" by Oliver Pilat. For something available, check out, "Amusing the Millions" and "Good Old Coney Island."


  1. where will they hold those hot dog eating contests? no way is joey chestnut going to hello kitty land.

  2. The Imperial Palace has an empty wall where the mustard belt should be. How about the fruit cake champ Sonya Thomas?