Sunday, April 5, 2009

Locked Up Abroad

Sometimes I feel badly for these people, but most of the time their stupidity solicits no sympathy.

The season premiere focused on a Brit, Sarah Jackson, who tried to smuggle cocaine out of Peru to pay off her loan shark. She was told to travel with another person to make her less suspicious. The dupe that she found (Simon Burke) was after a piece of ass and easily swayed.

Jackson is still in a minimum security Peruvian prison (Santa Monica Women's Prison) whilst Simon is living in Peru waiting for his charges to be dropped.

Simon did spend 10 months in Sarita Colonia, a hard core prison by the Lima Airport.

Here's the facebook group to get Simon home.

The next episode is titled, "Ecuador." Here's the summary:

Down, out and broke in Miami, Daniel Van De Zande decided to make a run for a drug smuggler that had cash-infused his pockets in the past. Daniel's task to smuggle cocaine from Ecuador to Europe. But he and his partners are busted and Daniel is eventually sent to one of Ecuador's most notorious maximum security prisons. Depressed by his life and the choices that had led him to jail, Daniel turned to drugs. He was released from prison after serving three years, and is currently in rehab, trying to rebuild his life.

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