Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Real Filene's Basement

The only true Filene's Basement store closed a couple years ago and, with that, the brand lost much of its mystique. The chain stores could not hold a candle to the flagship store. And now they are declaring bankruptcy.

Jahan Habib, 27, of Boston, said he's been shopping at Filene's Basement for about five years, but misses the Downtown Crossing store because he found better deals there. Yesterday, he dropped by the store's Boylston Street location, looking for a suit. "It's kind of tough in this economy for most people so it's great having discounts," Habib said. "But in the end, the price has to be significantly lower."

Read some of the reader's comments to get a feel for the real Filene's Basement.

Here's some background on the Downtown Crossing area in Boston.

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