Friday, April 24, 2009

Earth Day Philadelphia Style

Happy Belated Earth Day.

Today is Earth Day, a holiday created to honor the planet and to raise the consciousness of man’s effect on the environment. Philadelphia has a very strong tie to this day. One of its native sons, Ira Einhorn, was a co-founder of the environmentalist jubilee.

But Mr. Einhorn has another line on his resume. In addition to being a environmental guru, he is the Unicorn Killer.

Einhorn was the Master of Ceremonies at the first globally televised Earth Day in 1970. A few years later he killed his girlfriend Holly Maddux when she told him she was leaving him. When the authorities found her body in a trunk behind his apartment wall, he blamed her death on the CIA.

Kooky wannabee girlfriend Barbara Bronfman paid his bail giving him the opportunity to flee to Europe and spend the next 16 years evading justice. (At his bail hearing, a bunch of his delusional friends testified that he would never have killed Holly because he loved Mother Earth.) As the story goes, Bronfman found out that Einhorn was "cheating" on her with another woman in France and turned him in to authorities.

Eventually Einhorn was extradited after Pennsylvania vacated his previous conviction in absentia. Back in the States, Einhorn was found guilty after the jury deliberated for two hours. Presently he's at Houtzdale prison.

And, guess the name of the defense attorney who secured the low bail amount. It was slimy Arlen Spector, one of the 3 Republican goofballs who voted for the taxpayer funded generational bailout.

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