Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Christina Hoff Sommers On Point Again

It almost seems like this is something that The Onion would put out. Apparently President Obama wants to apply Title IX to science and engineering. Yes, that's exactly what we need: political correctness in science.

Here's an example of what Title IX has accomplished:

Consider the situation at Washington's Howard University. In 2007, the Women's Sports Foundation, a powerful Title IX advocacy group, gave Howard an "F" grade because of its 24-percentage-point "proportionality gap": Howard's student body was 67 percent female, but women constituted only 43 percent of its athletic program. In 2002, Howard cut men's wrestling and baseball and added women's bowling, but that did little to narrow the gap. Unless it sends almost half of its remaining male athletes to the locker room, Howard will remain blacklisted and legally vulnerable. Former Howard wrestling coach Wade Hughes sums up the problem this way: "The impact of Title IX's proportionality standard has been disastrous because . . . far more males than females are seeking to take part in athletics."

Here's a newsflash, more men like to play sports than women. So, who cares? Why are we taking sports opportunities away from men? If you want to start a sports team in college, you first start as a club, and then, after several years of interest, you can apply to be a recognized collegiate team. Let the teams evolve based on participation. There have been multitudes of examples of popular men's teams being dismantled in the name of Title IX. Now we have to watch this happen with science and engineering?

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