Saturday, April 11, 2009

Thrill Seekers or Insane Drunks?

Another case of swimming while drunk leading to complications. Usually it's a banal practice unless, of course, you are swimming in the Northern Territory coastal region. The amazing part of the story is that this guy was a local; in March there was another fatal attack in the Darwin area. Shouldn't he have known better?

This sort of behavior is expected from the New South Wales nutters.

About those crazies from the south:

Southern tourists drank beer and swam in the Daly River several hundred metres upstream from where a four-metre crocodile is believed to have taken 20-year-old Keith Parry hours earlier.

The five tourists from New South Wales were on a working holiday to Daly River - camping and working in the local pub.

The group was aware of the suspected attack but still stripped off and entered the croc infested waters holding cans of beers.

"We heard about the attack that happened last night. It's very sad," one of the tourists said.

The tourists said they had seen numerous crocs swimming in the river during their three-week stay in town, but they still felt it was safe to swim during the day.

"They really come out at night. If you come down at night with your headlights, you can see their eyes light up," one tourist said.

The tourists refused to leave the water, even after they were warned off by police and croc expert Tommy Nichols.

Daly River locals said the waters were infested with crocs of different sizes and most refused to go near the water.

These people are insane. And, for the record, saltwater crocodile attacks in Australia are not solely nighttime occurrences.

There will be more calls for a crocodile cull soon.

Here we go.

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