Saturday, September 25, 2010

Jersey Food Tour 2010

Tastee Super Sub + everything bagel +

Cafe Calore pizza

Thomas Sweet blend in

= solving the Rubik's cube (non-record time likely due to continued fat person's disease)



Unfortunately missed getting a pedi from the dude with the Guinness Book of Records fingernail. At least no hiv-inducing cuticle stabbing like in Beijing.

"Being a heroin addict might be more normal." (Comic Con cohort while watching Hoarders)

"...but I'd rather be a hoarder than have a sex robot." (CCC while watching Sex Robot)

"This is the last time I'm watching this show." (CCC after watching three Hoarders episodes back-to-back)


  1. I HATE hoarders!! I'm right there with CCC. Although, I'd rather have a sex robot... (not that anyone asked and probably TMI...just sayin)

  2. don't you have enough low blocking going on without having to add a sex robot to the mix?