Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 13 (and day 1 of apple cleanse)

No sun, no sharks, and no LC at Laguna Beach. No hotel gym either but thats not conducive anyway to my attempts at becoming the next Ruby

"I feel so uncomfortable. I'm sore and I'm fat." (Anonymous)

In protest of no FL, we have started an apple cleanse. Nothing but apples until another restaurant wows us with "presentations" ("courses" is so plebe)

Apple count as of 7pm: 8 (Anonymous) and 4

Apple count as of 8pm: 9 (Anonymous) and 4

"Are you sick of apples yet?"
"No." (Anonymous)...
Apple count as of 11:30pm: 10 (Anonymous) and 5

Although the new Clooney movie The American was boring as shite, his lack of eating Italian food and constant chewing of gum is proof positive that the apple cleanse is the new black.

Maxi moos in Riverside also made the travel day of starvation go by faster

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  1. This cleanse is causing my stomach to eat itself!