Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 19 Tuesday (day of productivity and continued gluttony)

(posting delayed due to gorging, again...) 

Took a break from contributing to the GDP (gluttony = consumption) by test driving convertibles in 100 degree weather. (Sorry, Anonymous, that the Prius has yet to come in a ragtop)   

Seven days here and we finally decided to play some golf (3.5 holes count): 

"I don't think we'll make the range. I haven't played golf since 06."
"We'll be fine." (Anonymous)
"When was the last time you played?"
"99." (Anonymous)
"Maybe we shouldn't go." 
"It'll be good for the blog." (Anonymous) 

"Get in your hole!" (Anonymous, presumably talking to her golf ball)

"I would like to say we're one hole down and we still have our balls." (Anonymous)

At the 2nd hole:
"Where's your ball?" (Anonymous)
"In the lake."

"We sound like a jenga truck." (sound of clubs tossing around in the golf cart, yet another reminder of the similarities between Palm Desert and Afghanistan)

After a day of exercise (golf is a sport, cheerleading is not), we accelerated our recovery by gorging at Morton's, who delayed its planned early closure for the evening as our emaciated bodies were obvious.   

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