Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 18 (continuation of gluttony and sloth)

After a night of gorging on bread, cheese, olives, wine, spinach artichoke dip (see Day 16) watching Kourtney and Khloe all morning, literally, aids digestion.  

Given the closure of Costco and Sisters Cupcakes, Labor day (Ramadan) actually seems to be recognized here. Fortunately Cold Stone cured our depression from the failed shopping excursion (in denial of The COD's departure), as well as Trader Joes, where our shopping list disappeared resulting in solely impulse purchases/essentials (wine, bread).  

Random remarks during gluttony:
"I'm glad that we decided we don't like the chips after we ate the whole bag."

"OMG who is that?  Why are these people always disgusting?" (Anonymous, soon-to-be-fan of Hoarders, during break in Kardashian marathon)

"I'll just do it myself." (Anonymous deciding to self-wax after falling victim to Labor Day)
"Are you sure?  Who are you, Khloe?"
"Who are you, Kourtney?  I'm going to need to drink some wine if I'm going to wax."  (Anonymous)
"I'm going to need some wine just to be in the same room."

"You'd better wax now. I have nothing for the blog."
"$&#% you - you do something for the blog." (Anonymous crashing from the ice cream sugar high)

Five minutes later:
"There's just too much surface area to cover when you only have 20 strips." (Anonymous while waxing and providing Assos fodder)

"I'm already worn out." (Anonymous)
"How many strips have you done?"
"Two." (Anonymous)

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