Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 17 (day of the kooch)

Brunch at Acqua Pazzo almost like FL except no presentations, no pain au lait, and no service.    

"American cheese is pre-wrapped right?" (Anonymous)
"What exactly is pre-wrapped?" (the COD) 

"That's not dessert.  That's something you eat in between a meal, and for the record it looks like Oscar (the grouch)." (the COD)

I want to be alone with my whale in the quiet pool...
"I don't want a bunch of Tweens all up in my grill while I lay there and bake." (Anonymous)

"So the Ironman is coming up. I believe I may have some kooch in there." (the COD)
"How can I not have any kooch photos?" (the COD)

"God I love the kooch. I'm in love with the kooch." (Anonymous)
"Can we clone the kooch?" (Anonymous)

"I would Snoop Dog and never look back." (Anonymous during a game of either/or)

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