Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 21 (end of the nom)

"Are you wrestling with the door?"
"I hit my head on the doorknob while drying my feet. I hate this bathroom." (Anonymous, what comes around goes around...see Day 3 blunt force trauma)

Summary of trip:
2300 miles
4.5 tanks of gas (good choice, Anonymous, in picking the Prius as your beater)
2 lbs celery (hoarded by one person)
30.25 apples
3 cupcakes
2 visits to FL
1 bottle of Domaines Ott (at five times the regular price but well worth it at FL)
2 bottles of French champagne consumed despite being in CA wine country
1 Costco sized bottle of French vodka consumed despite being in CA wine country
12 bottles of wine
2 lunch buffets (including today's visit to M to finish the vacation of gluttony strong)
1 "round" of golf (cut short due to nightfall, certainly not skill)
3 visits to the gym
1 walk outside (first and last after being called a hound)
150 hours catching up on reality TV (140 of which were spent on the Kardashians)
3 trips to the pool (suggestion for Marriott - install an outdoor TV)
3 pounds gained per person (optimistic estimate)
2 times Anonymous slept in her day outfit (but in her own bed)
1 go go dancer (and 1 lap dance to an empty chair)
1 A, B, C, and DD (guess who's the latter)
4 days until mandatory medical tests for work (*&%^#!)

1 comment:

  1. I forgot we were drinking French Champers while in Cali. We are not only gluttons but inconsiderate b*tches. When are we taking a repeat trip?