Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 15 (end of the cleanse)

Return to Gluttony
"I love being in America." (Anonymous)
"I know I can't get enough of it." 

"Are these seeds on the couch?"
"Probably. I think I fell asleep eating an apple last night. I wish I was kidding but I'm not." (Anonymous)

"I can't get the sticker off your apple."
"Thats ok, I'll eat the sticker." (Anonymous)

Apple count at 12pm: 3 (Anonymous) and 1

"Lets eat lunch. F$@& this!" (Anonymous at 12:30pm)

"You know you can grab two plates" (Souplantation dude after I grabbed one empty plate for the lunch buffet, who clearly was unaware that I'm the hound and the whale is...)

"Maybe if I pee I can eat more." (Anonymous at 2:25pm)
"It didn't work." (Anonymous at 2:35pm)

"Finally I'm full." (Anonymous)

"Why are your legs so pumped?" (Vietnamese pedicure dude - translation, as english is obviously his 2nd language, 'why are your legs so fat'; translation in SoCal, 'piernas grandes.')

After mani/pedis, it's only logical to head to Costco and go buck wild.  Free samples are perfect for continuing the inflation of one's piernas grandes.  So is eating a whole loaf of bread in the car because if one waited the 5 min to drive to the hotel, it would be cold. 

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