Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 16 (The arrival of the Cloud of Darkness)

120 degrees and sitting at the pool is conducive to digesting a night of gorging on bread, cheese, olives, wine, spinach artichoke dip.  

"You've been quiet today."   
"Because I'm concentrating on not bursting into flames." (Anonymous)

"I love my child. It's the only thing I have besides apples." (Anonymous clearly holding onto the cleanse)
"I live in Washington state. It's the state capital of apples. I should go buck wild." (Anonymous - another e.g. of cleanse withdrawal)

"My life is complete." (Anonymous eating spinach artichoke dip warmed vice cold)

No presentations at Copley's. Our waiter, (grande) Chuy, has enough on his mind with chelsea lately to remember things like the daily specials (spinach).

"I didn't like college."  (Anonymous)
"Because the cougar didn't like you back?" (The COD)

Anonymous and pronouns:
"I was scared of the cougar but I LOVED him."  (FYI his is name was Butch) (Anonymous)
"We need to just hit it early. Because then there's only one shower." (Anonymous)

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