Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tax Dollars for Vacation Trips

10 members for Congress spent time on the Great Barrier Reef under the guise of studying climate change. Who are they fooling? 6 of them brought their spouses, who do not have to pay for travel and accommodations, only food.

Asked about his wife's participation, Mr. [Frank] Lucas cited a busy congressional schedule that often keeps families separated, even on weekends. If spouses couldn't go along on trips abroad, "then you couldn't travel -- simple as that," he said.

A spokeswoman for Mr. [Charlie] Melancon said the representative's wife of 37 years, Peachy Melancon, added "insight and perspective" that "only amplified the educational benefit he gained as a lawmaker."

Aren't these people supposed to be working for us? Dick Morris's book "Outrage" has a chapter devoted to Congressmen who continually take advantage of taxpayers for the benefit of themselves and their families, with spouses, sons and daughters getting favored treatment as lobbyists and privileged insiders. Be certain to read it on an empty stomach.

According to the WSJ, Congressional travel has increased tenfold since the mid-1990's. When are we as taxpayers planning to say that enough is enough? More and more we see our federal representatives gaining more and more power over our lives whilst enriching themselves at our expense.

The latest grab for power is health care reform. Make no mistake. That is what it is, a grab for power. Keep in mind, that while our federal representatives have no problem directing us to a system that will take away our health care choices, they will not be beholden to it themselves.

And, here's more spending:

Lawmakers' move to upgrade the fleet of government jets -- used for travel by lawmakers and other senior government officials -- is just one of more than 1,000 spending projects lawmakers added to the Pentagon's budget for next year that weren't requested by President Barack Obama.

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