Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Disease Called Pedro Espada Lingers

Pedro Espada, New York's ethically challenged Senate Majority Leader, is expanding his staff on the back of New York State taxpayers.

In total, the Senate's Democratic leadership has authorized more than $500,000 in pay raises and new staff for Espada since he returned to the Democratic conference at the end of the chamber's June stalemate, according to payroll records from the state comptroller's office.

Among the new hires is Jerry Love Jr., the son of Sandra Love, a Soundview officer who in 2004 pleaded guilty to steering state funds intended for family care and AIDS treatment to Espada's political campaign. Three other Soundview officials also pleaded guilty in that case.

How far will Espada go before his limp wristed colleagues push back? There are rumblings from some of the underlings and rank and file.

"Leadership is supposed to lead the way, not look the other way, when poor decisions are being made," said one Senate Democratic staffer.

"This makes me more embarrassed and makes the Senate look even worse than it has already -- and that's hard to imagine," said Sen. Neil Breslin (D-Albany).

Of course, don't expect Breslin to do anything other than fall in line when Espada starts issuing vote orders. After all, he's just one of the many in the Conference who speak loudly but carry a small stick. What an embarrassment for a once great state.

No matter, all these asshats will be voted back in next election cycle. Remember, we are the same electorate who voted in landslide fashion for a man who was on the cusp of being indicted for a felony.

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