Thursday, February 17, 2011

Le premier jour du nom nom nom

Snack 1: Cafe au lait and tartine while waiting for Anonymous.

Lunch: Ralph's (no reservations needed and no presentations but still managed to almost empty the bowl of fried olives and baked nuts with sea salt - taking the metro burns a lot of calories especially when lugging a suitcase that could house a large midget). Insider's tip - they use both lobster claw and tail in their salad. Thanks for asking, Anonymous.

Snack 2: after being distracted by so much shiny flashy on Saint Germain, and preventing someone from getting clipped by traffic (this isn't London - look left) while staring at Dior, found patisserie. Could've saved on wrapping as contents were eaten before reaching next stop (see purchase of snack 3 below).

Purchase of snack 3: after being distracted by more shiny flashy, found Monoprix to stock up on water. Exited store with two bottles of wine, cheese, and fig spread.

Snack 3: while consuming above items, realize water is missing among purchases. Continue consuming and chasing shiny flashy.

Tentative plans for tomorrow: spending the money just found in my pocket. Merci #5!


  1. That's because Im used to looking to the right you hound!! I was in a food coma I'm thinking an apple cleanse is in order after this trip

  2. Funny your head was turning exorcist style when looking at all the shiny flashy. Sure could use some water...