Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day 8 - Gluttony Redux (friday)

Insider's Tip: if you go to The French Laundry a second time in the same week, you don't have to order off that ghetto menu

tip #2: Birthday girls get special dessert and take away chocolate for the occasion (thanks for "turning 30", GGP).

12 courses vice 9 on the Section 8 menu. Photos to follow later. Difficult to upload and eat pain au lait/clothespin-embossed chocolate simultaneously.

"Chef's cooking menu": (maybe on our 3rd visit, he'll switch from lobster tail to claw. everyone knows it's much more tender.)

Random comments at the Fairmont while still digesting from our 4.5 hour meal:

"Have a piece of bread" (Anonymous)
"I had one. You eat it."
"I've already had two." (Anonymous)

"Give me a hug even though i smell like poop" (Anonymous)

"Do guys slap your ass?" (Anonymous)
"Yeah I ask them to...ok where's my dress?" (GGP)

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