Monday, February 21, 2011

End of the Nom

"Do you think it's ok to drink this wine? I let it breathe." (Anonymous, at approximately 0930 hours referring to wine from last night.)

Summary of 5 day trip

2 visits to les grands magasins (Galeries Lafayette and Le Bon Marche)
4 buckets of moules
3 crepes (eaten within span of 1 hour - see photo below)
2 servings Berthillon ice cream (eaten within span of 2 hours after said crepes)
1 religieuse au chocolat
4 macaroons
1 giant cookie consumed (3 left behind at L'Astrance along with much needed water)
Countless cafes aux laits
Several pounds of butter (4 pats consumed in one sitting. 1/2 pat eaten without anything else)
4+ hours spent watching Top Chef marathon in French
0 salade nicoise
Several liters of French wine
2 bottles champagne (1 very shiny flashy - see Saturday)
2 shots compliments of Brazilian bartender
5 min to finish drinks and settle bill after feigning interest in meeting said bartender at random club, and then escaping in other direction
1 pair of socks put on with assistance ("I'm an invalid" - person shall remain anonymous. Wonder who this could be?)
Zero interest in learning number of pounds gained from gluttony on this trip


Step 1 - admitting the problem.

"Domaines Ott rose, Hermes bracelet, LV bag with personalized monogram (child #3), La Maison du Chocolat, Veuve Clicquot with insulated carrying bag, bright red Lancel handbag (child #4), several bottles of wine and various Provence dish towels. I need to go over to spenders anonymous!" - Anonymous

(I heart Bordeaux)