Friday, February 18, 2011

Le deuxieme jour du nom

Sure couldve used some water this morning...

Having the waiter chase you for leaving the wrong amount of money for the check = no more visits to the closest cafe to the hotel

3.5 hour lunch at L'Astrance where round eyes are a minority.  No presentations like FL, but surprise wine pairings.

Toasted bread soup

Warm brioche with almond, black truffle

Monkfish, spinach 

Pork, walnut and parmesan

Baby lamb, black truffle and eggplant

Nougat white chocolate kumquat, apple tartine, mango sorbet

"Americans are like fois gras. We stuff ourselves past the point of fullness, unlike the French who only eat when hungry." - Anonymous

Travelers tip: Watching a puppet show on the metro and collapsible seats don't mix.

Shopping on the Champs Elysées burns calories especially if making multiple beverage pitstops.

Sugar high after visit to La Maison du Chocolat, sugar low after being turned away at Four Seasons George V bar - at least the WC is nice.

Continuing to chase shiny flashy = Anonymous purchase of bracelet and red headed stepchild 

Yes, Anonymous, you're right - you can take the girl out of the hajj but you can't take the hajj out of the girl. My built in water rod even works on the Champs Elysées.

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