Sunday, February 20, 2011

Le troisieme jour du nom (Saturday)

First water of the day consumed compliments of the Louis Vuitton section of Le Bon Marche.

"Why are there no feet?" - Anonymous, in search of a new child

Too bad monogramming is limited to only two letters - HL or HM makes no sense.

"I love being us."

"I think I burned my mouth (on escargots)."
"Take a break dude."
"Why would I? Are you insane?"

"Basically, if I could eat the butter without the bread, I would."
"No way, that would be the ultimate in gluttony." Five seconds later, "Ok let's try it."

"Oh we're going shopping and I'm blowing another $2000."

"Pet the chinchilla."
"Yeah it's soft. Go f*&% yourself dude."

"I think I'll keep this purse. What's $500?"
"Two meals at FL or one meal at FL and two bottles of wine."

"Should we get another coffee?"
"Yeah but let's get one later. For now let's focus on shopping."

No nap, but lots of shiny flashy to ensure a productive Night of Drinking.

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