Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Reject Government Health Care

A Corning , NY psychologist makes a case for rejecting Obamacare.

The most recent attempt at "reform" was Medicare. They said seniors couldn't afford health care, so we needed a government program. At the time, most seniors had private insurance. Now they say this program is $38 trillion in debt.

Pretty much whatever the government seems to get involved in, turns into an inefficient, bloated mess. They tried Medicare, Medicaid and the Veterans Administration Health Care. Look at the results.

What people seem not to understand is that covering an additional 50 million people will lead to rationing. Where will the new doctors come from? And, furthermore, who wants the government in on your health decisions and choices? We will have a government increasingly involved in our lives, telling us what can be treated, how it can be treated and when it can be treated.

Dr. Morrongiello concludes:

If this "reform" passes, bureaucrats will stand between you and your doctor. In fact, the components of rationing and government control of health care are already in law, thanks to Obama's "stimulus" bill. Hidden in the stimulus package was the mandatory computerization of our medical records, to be turned over to the government. The stimulus also created a government health-care rationing board.

A solution: Change the tax code to allow individuals and families to deduct the cost of insurance. Allow the purchase of insurance across state lines. Expand Health Savings Accounts. This will lead to savings and increased competition between the 1,300 insurance companies already vying for our business.

Government health care is the road to rationing and denial of care. Reject it. Instead, embrace expanding markets and, most importantly, patient choice.

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