Tuesday, July 21, 2009

la Mediocre Latina

Richard Cohen writes on Sonia Sotomayor.

This is the sad state of both liberalism and American politics. First-class legal brains are not even nominated lest some senator break into hives at the prospect of encountering a genuinely new idea. The ceiling is further lowered by the need to season the court with diversity, a wonderful idea as long as brilliance is not compromised. The result has been the rout of sexism: The women are as mediocre as the men.

From all we know, Sotomayor is no Scalia. She is no Thurgood Marshall, either, or even a John Roberts, who is leading the court in his own direction. She will be confirmed. But if she is not, liberalism will not have lost much of a champion or a thinker. A million lawyers in America and something Jimmy Carter used to say comes to mind: Why not the best?

The diversity discussion shouldn't end with skin color. How about diversity of ideas and opinion?

The Sotomayor hearings were telling. Was anyone awed by this woman's intellect or legal acumen?

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