Saturday, April 27, 2013

(No) Camel Races at Wadi Rum

....despite what the Internet said.

Besides waking up at 0530 is much better.

Last chance to find out if the races actually exist.
("He's a camel rider. You'd think he'd know.")

ATV'ing is much better anyway.

And so is watching locals take off in their buggies.

No races, but lots of camels.

Including toes.

And camels racing in cars.

(Clearly the locals are confused when SUVs aren't carrying camels.)

The Bedouin kids are probably much better jockeys than the midget robots.

"Thanks God for Cactus Mode."

Cactus mode helps on the dunes, so does bird diarrhea on the windshield (as well as goat stomach).

"Says the person who ran over a bird."
"Who cares?  Nobody likes birds."

NBB probably wishes she had more cushion on her ass when she took this photo.

Netting to keep out everything but attack spiders and the sounds of feral cats.

Cliffs of Moher.

Lawrence of Arabia cave.

More camels.

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