Sunday, November 27, 2011

I Beach (Aqaba)

Apparently only deflated Hello Kitties frequent the gaz station.

"You should never have to hear the call of prayer while you're at the beach." - NBB (Long drive + feral lunchmates + haji raft and not HK chair = decreased religious tolerance.)

"I hate you." (NBB after proving that swimming can be quite useful with wayward inflatable chairs.)

"You looked kind of slow swimming out there." (Surely it should only take a couple of minutes for a champion swimmer to retrieve an inflatable toy.)

HK was better behaved on land where she couldn't launch out into the ocean. 

"What is that big dark thing underneath us?" (NBB while we were on the raft - thanks for the shark week commentary.)

Haji rafts - adequate as a flotation device, not so much as a stopper for a wind tunnel (but good initiative nonetheless NBB).

Tactical Burkini (much like Taliban Under Armour)

(Hey kids drop what you're doing and check out what's swimming in the ankle deep water. Use your snorkel like me. Never mind your mom and her burkini.)

Voyeurs on viking ships not as obvious as the ones on glass bottomed boats.

If you're going to pick up an extra passenger it's best not to have him in your grill. 

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