Friday, February 15, 2013

PS in Jordan

 ...and Compensating for P Withdrawal with Camel Toe.

Wedding reception at the Dead Sea (and arrival of guests - some in sausage dresses, some not.  PS, definitely going to hell for taking these, regardless of that Pontius Pilate coin).

Wadi Rum

Photo taken just prior to PS breaking a World Heritage site.

Ateq making a fire, which is useful for heating bread (and killing any germs from his hands after touching said bread).

"Do you want my tomato?"
"No thanks.  I have a thing about vegetables the aren't washed."
"Thanks, a**hole." (PS, clearly unhappy that she had already consumed one unwashed tomato and one unpeeled cucumber.  At least the bread's germs died in the fire.)

"See you tomorrow." (Ateq post food coma and trying to ditch us for a nap).

 "This is why we lost the war in Afghanistan." (Watching Ateq climb to the top of the bridge in his TB-like shoes.)

Shisha not conducive to hiking up a dune with a snowboard.  (Seems like there could be a demand for a rope tow.)

Taken just before a wave of sand goes down PS' shirt (might count as first base).

PS still preferring ass sliding as the best way downhill, even down the big bridge.



Hieroglyphics of camels.

The lead (the Hound's) camel.

PS' camel with obvious penis envy.

"I think they're making a connection.  She'll be back later." (Your camel is clearly male, PS.  But good on you for not judging.  Maybe you can make up for your sins after all.)

More camels.

Flying PS.

Monsters Inside Me puddle.

PS avoiding Monsters Inside Me puddle by sacrificing Ateq.

Actually, PS, you should probably keep wearing that Pontius Pilate coin (especially since Ateq gave you a piggyback ride after this photo was taken.)

Possible trash goat.

Paleo feet.

View from Saleh's truck (good terrain for tossing around midgets and unsecured cameras).


The (gluttonous) Hound in horse form.

Drapes don't match the carpet.

Two mules.

Runaway mule.

Suicide mule.

Darwin Award (although does look comfortable).

Functional outfit for walking to the Monastery and stalking people who are not as fashion forward.

Another functional outfit (lack of matching headband means non stalker).

PS' ideal post-hiking relaxation activity - sugaring.   


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