Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 5

Awaiting the arrival of go go pro...

The locals are very friendly and have a unique sense of humor. Case in point:

"That's a nice hound you have." (Guest Blogger aka my walking companion)
"Thanks, you too." (Local Unidentified Man, who, since there was no dog in sight, clearly was referring to me)

Mini Moo was a little needy today and required some grass (the sharpie marker came in handy. the owners of the house won't notice.)

Fries in public mustard jars must be a California thing at the Girl and the Fig. At least they had moules (fooka you Bouchon) (photo pending)

Ignore the HLM, and the fact that each of our four stomachs were full, Guest Blogger's cookies are f'ing AWESOME!

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  1. it was a toss up!!